Ever Wonder How Mortal Kombat Fatalities Are Made? They All Start With Stick Figures

One of the most well-known aspects of the Mortal Kombat series is its fatalities. Over-the-top, inhumanely bloody finishing moves that require a complicated string of button-pushes to pull off, Mortal Kombat fatalities are one of the game’s hallmarks. But, they all start with Ed Boon drawing stick figures on paper.

This new information comes from a Polygon interview with Steve Beran, NetherRealm Studios’s art director. Apparently, Boon sets the tone for each Mortal Kombat game by drawing a fatality via stick figures on paper, and the team goes from there. The first of the Mortal Kombat fatalities seen in MK 11, particularly its debut trailer, was the first one he drew for MK 11.

In this case, Scorpion burns through Raiden’s body, leaving a gaping hole before he decapitates him, throws his head upward, and spears it with his bladed grappling hook. Considering what other fatalities we’ve seen in the various trailers and character showcases, however, that’s not even the most brutal.

Apparently, Boon is worryingly enthusiastic about the fatalities and that they should be as gory as possible, whether it’s how someone’s head flies off, or how precise the movements are to decapitate the head in the first place. And considering that fatalities are a huge part of the Mortal Kombat games, it’s no surprise that NetherRealm Studios tries to do their best on them.

Fatalities are normally used to humiliate an opponent at the end of the match, and a lot of players look forward to seeing just how ludicrous they can be, so there’s an element of fun as well. And considering what we’ve seen in the game’s various trailers, Mortal Kombat 11 will need some levity in it.

As time is thrown out of sync by the new villain Kronika, it’s likely that not every character will be making it out alive, much like in Mortal Kombat 9 where a large number of favorites died and became servants of Quan Chi and Shinnok.

You’ll be able to see a lot more of the different Mortal Kombat fatalities when Mortal Kombat 11 comes out for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch on April 23.