This Is How Fast Spider-Man Miles Morales Will Load On PS5

A recently-deleted tweet has shown just how fast Spider-Man: Miles Morales load times are on the Playstation 5.

It was boasted several months ago that the power and speed of next-gen consoles would basically eliminate load times, and it seems that the Playstation 5 is living up to its reputation. A recent (now deleted) tweet showed off Spider-Man: Miles Morales load times on the console, and they’re almost nothing.

All that’s left of said tweet is a low-resolution gif of the entire thing, but it does show a very large gap of time between how games are loaded up on the Playstation 4 (where they can sit on the catch art for some time) and the Playstation 5 (where you barely catch a glimpse of it.)

Previously, various tech personalities such as Tim Sweeney went into detail on why they think that load times will essentially be a thing of the past with the new consoles. Much more efficient architecture and greater power contribute to the games almost being instantly ready to go.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales load times may also be shorter due to the fact that the game is a standalone expansion to the original Spider-Man game that come out in 2018, so we may have to just compare how fast its load times are to the PS5 version of that game, along with other games coming out around the same time.

There will be a large number of big games coming out in the Playstation 5’s first few years, ranging from God of War: Ragnarok to Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and others, so with the size of those games, the Spider-Man: Miles Morales load times may be an exception, rather than the rule.

We’ll just have to wait for all of those games to come out to see the Playstation 5 load times for ourselves. We can see Spider-Man: Miles Morales load times on the Playstation 5 for ourselves when the game releases on November 12 alongside the Playstation 5.

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