Housemarque Responds To Returnal’s Mid-Run Save Request

Returnal has been out for nearly a week now and while players are loving the challenging rogue-like gameplay, the absence of additional save options continues to be brought up as a significant concern.

Taking to Twitter a few days back, developer Housemarque assured that it has been keenly listening to player-feedback. Unfortunately though, Housemarque has “nothing to announce now” on the piling requests of adding save options in Returnal to make hour-long runs a tad less frustrating.

Returnal is not a game for the faint hearted. While visually stunning with action-packed sequences, players are tasked with coursing through hour-long gameplay runs in a single sitting. That means without any possibility of saving progression in-between. A single run may warrant around two to three hours to complete for example. Dying before completion takes players back to the start of the course. However, shutting down their console does the same as well, making for a pretty tiring routine for players who simply want to save their progression until morning.

The good news is that Housemarque has not categorically denied the possibility of adding more save options. Returnal hence may (or may not) be updated somewhere down the road with a few new mid-run save options, or at least players can keep their fingers crossed for that to happen at the earliest.

Returnal requires around 50 hours on average to complete. Its difficulty ceiling ensures that players become familiar with death fairly early on. The game is not actually designed to kill players at every turn. Its gameplay though does require focus, patience, skill, and a bit of luck. Dying will hence happen often.

Returnal is now available exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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