Horizon Zero Dawn Weapons and More Explained by Developers

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most interesting projects that were revealed at E3 2015 – hands down. However, the game pits humans against giant robots that are of no match in size or power, so yeah you would want to know about the things that are going to keep you safe i.e. weapons.

Guerrilla Games’ Mathijs de Jonge, game director, and Mark Norris, senior producer, sat down for an interview where they talked about a lot of things including the weapons.

Remember the E3 demo where you saw a fight against Thunderjaw? You would have also noticed how the tail projectile weapon was used to combat the enemy. In case you wished to keep something like that with you (or craft it) then you are out of luck as it is something you are going to want to leave after the fight:

The disc launcher, it’s a very heavy weapon. You can walk around with it, but you can’t jump, so it’s a weapon that players will leave behind. It’s sort of a power spike that we put in so momentarily the player feels very powerful against these big machines, but it’s also something we want to take away, because otherwise…

They also explained how Horizon Zero Dawn is all about crafting weapons and not shooting them off of a machine:

I don’t think there’s ever going to be anything inside of the game where you shoot a specific piece off the machine. Because the game is so based around crafting, it’s always parts. And so there’s never going to be a moment where you’re like, “Oh that machine has a machine gun and now I’ve picked up that machine gun. Now I have a machine gun that I can put into my weapon slot.”

De Jonge added that since the robots and the machines are huge, things like being able to put things in the backpack wouldn’t work here. So “they stay with the robots, more or less, or in their region, and the other weapons that are still very powerful for the player, you craft them for yourself.”

Lastly, you also craft the ammo from pieces you will find while exploring the world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

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