Horizon Zero Dawn Tramplers Guide

Tramplers are giant robotic rhinos in Horizon Zero Dawn that can be a real problem to kill due to their heavy armor. Combined with their defense, Tramplers can also dish out a lot of damage which can easily kill the players unless they aren’t well prepared for the fight.

This Horizon Zero Dawn Trampler guide will help players with taking out these robots by highlighting the best strategy to use in a fight against them.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Tramplers

Tramplers have two attacks which they will target players with, a charge and a fiery explosion. While the charge attack can be avoided as long as players see it coming, which they should if they stay on their toes throughout the fight.

The Trampler will use the fire attack to deal damage in a large area whenever players enter its attack range so it is important to maintain a safe distance throughout the fight.

Thankfully, Tramplers are extremely vulnerable to Frost attacks which makes exploiting their numerous weak spots very easy. When the fight starts, players should focus on freezing the Trampler so it takes increased damage. A sling with Freeze ammo works best here and two direct hits from a bomb should be enough to free the enemy.

Once they are frozen, players can use their bow with teardown arrows to either decrease their armor or use any other type of arrow to deal damage to the weak spots. One of  the best weak spots to target is the flammable canister on its belly which can cause massive damage. Similarly, the Power Cells on the Trampler’s back can also be targeted with Shock arrows to deal a fair amount of damage and apply a stun for a short while.

Throughout the fight, the Trampler will occasionally charge the player. While the charge itself can be avoided fairly easily by dodging, players should run as far away from the enemy as they can after dodging this charge attack.

Soon after the charge ends, the Trampler will use its fire area attack so players should be out of its range when that happens.

Players should make sure that a Templar is always affected by freeze debuff so they stay vulnerable and if the effect wears off, it should be applied again with Freeze bombs.

Repeating the above-mentioned fighting tips until the Trampler is dead should make the players proficient in no time and pretty soon they won’t have any trouble fighting these rhinos.

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