Horizon Zero Dawn PC Port Will Not Have FOV Slider In Options Menu

You’ll have to be on your toes when the Horizon Zero Dawn PC port comes out. Guerrilla developer Anne recently stated in a post on the Steam forums that the PC version of the game would not have an FOV slider. Her explanation was that it would compromise the original game’s feeling.

FOV sliders are normally an important issue for some PC gamers, as they allow the game’s field of view to expand, allowing you to see more to either side rather than having to pan the camera around to look at things. The late game critic TotalBiscuit made FOV sliders a constant fixture of his reviews of various PC games.

While the FOV sliders are off for the Horizon Zero Dawn PC port, Anne did say that Guerrilla would be putting in a number of other ways to customize your experience in the game. However, she didn’t not elaborate on what, exactly, those would involve.

Horizon Zero Dawn got a lot of praise when it came out back in 2017, ranging from its story to its world to the absolutely gorgeous environments. The game being on PC will allow PC players to not only experience the game for themselves, but to experience a whole new level of beauty with their machines.

The Horizon Zero Dawn PC port isn’t slated to actually release until sometime this summer, so there’s still plenty of time for Guerrilla to reveal other stuff that they’re going to be putting in the port to us. While we already know that the game’s Frozen Wilds DLC will also be included, there could be a number of other technical additions as well.

Once again, the Horizon Zero Dawn port doesn’t have an actual release date yet, so you’ll have to keep a close eye on Steam to get knowledge on when it will actually come out.