Horizon Zero Dawn Will Not Support Native 4K On PlayStation 4 Pro

During PlayStation Meeting Sony showcased a number of games running on the company’s upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro. While the new console is capable of running games at native 4K resolution, it seems that not all games like Horizon Zero Dawn will not be utilizing the native 4K.

After the reveal event Sony held a discussion among developers where they shared their thoughts about the console and how PlayStation 4 Pro can benefit gaming. Guerrilla Games was also present at the discussion, and the developers talked about how the game will look on the new console and how the game is going to utilize it.

Art director for Horizon Zero Dawn, Jan-Bart Van Beek, revealed that the game will not be running at native 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro. He also said that the end result for the game will be so close to the 4K resolution that gamers would not be able to find a difference.

Sony Bend was also present at the discussion and according to Chris Reese, Director of Sony Bend Studio, PlayStation 4 Pro is a game changer for the game industry.

According to Reese, when the first time they got Days Gone to run on PlayStation 4 Pro, it was a game changing experience.

When we first got it up and running, it was a game changer, a jaw dropping experience. The increase in resolution was great, all the detail that the artists had been working was now on display.

He also discussed the importance of HDR for their game and how this feature makes the game look stunning.

It’s an open world environment, so we have a lot of scenes where you’re going in dark interiors and then bright exteriors. Trying to manage that exposure in lighting on an SDR TV, a regular TV, is tough – we do a lot of work to make that feel right. But then, when we put in on an HDR TV it all becomes natural, it’s like watching out a window from your office – which in our case, for Bend, is what you see in the game.

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