Horizon Zero Dawn Grave-Hoard Puzzle Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Grave-Hoard Puzzle guide that will tell you how to align the rings and succeed in that particular puzzle.

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is filled with numerous puzzles which players have to solve as Aloy in order for rewards or even to simply progress through missions. One such instance of a mission involves players figuring out the Horizon Zero Dawn Grave-Hoard puzzle.

The Grave-Hoard puzzle takes place during the main story Grave-Hoard mission and players have to restore power to an ancient door so Aloy can pass through it.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Grave-Hoard Puzzle

This will guide will help players with the solution of the Grave-Hoard puzzle so players don’t have to spend too much thinking about it and don’t get stuck during this part of the game.

To solve the puzzle, Aloy needs to turn the rings on the wall panels in a right sequence and set them in their corresponding place. There are a total of 3 panels to go through and each has 4 rings. The red lines in the rings will indicate the direction of the alignment.

By using the Focus Device (R3) on the fuse box next to the rings, the order in which the rings need to be aligned will be displayed so players should try to remember that sequence.

The first panel of the puzzle is on the lower floor with an audio log right next to it. The audio log also provides hints to aligning this specific panel. Upon interaction with it, players need to use the following combination from left to right to align the rings:


The second panel of the Grave-Hoard puzzle is on the right side of the lower floor, located exact opposite of the very first puzzle panel. Once again, the combination needs to be followed from left to right:

UP –> UP –> DOWN –> DOWN

The final puzzle is located upstairs and the combination for that is:


Once players have aligned all three panels, they can return to the door and pass through it.

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