Horizon Zero Dawn Features Discussed, Machines Aren’t the Only Enemies

Horizon Zero Dawn is far from being released, but it’s always good to learn more about this game. During a recent interview with Gamer Source, Guerrilla Games’ David Ford talked about Horizon Zero Dawn features.

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The first question discussed was the campaign’s duration. Ford said that everything that has been shown until now is just a small part of the game, so players can expect a huge world with a long lasting story.

Moreover, Ford claimed that Horizon Zero Dawn will have a lot of weapons, upgrades and outfits to use, allowing players to pursue their own style. This means customization is an important Horizon Zero Dawn features.

After that, he has been asked if players will be able to visit every location of the game’s world, and his answer was very interesting. Basically, in Horizon Zero Dawn you can go everywhere (of course there are some limits), and every locations has its own creatures. But the most crucial feature is the connection between the player and Aloy, the protagonist of the game.

Aloy, in fact, hasn’t left her village so early and she doesn’t know what the world is made of. So, everything will be simultaneously discovered both by the player and Aloy, as more information about the world and its story will be provided by completing sidequests.

Finally, Ford talked about the game backstory and the main enemies. Of course he couldn’t say anything specific about the story not to spoil, but he ensured that players will be amazed by the evolution of the events. Also, machines won’t be the only enemies there, but other tribes will be hostile.

Horizon Zero Dawn is releasing in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and it will support PS4 Pro and HDR.