Horizon Zero Dawn Dungeons Confirmed, Will Feature Platforming And Challenging Fights

With the game having gone gold and numerous Youtubers and reviewers sharing their hands-on experience of the game, the folks over at Press Start revealed something really interesting in the form of Horizon Zero Dawn dungeons.

One of those Horizon Zero Dawn dungeons is called The Cauldron and is the birthplace of all robotics in the game world. There is no word on exactly how many such dungeons are present in the game and whether Aloy, the protagonist will have to go through them all as part of the story or not.

The Cauldron, given the name sounds like a pit and that is what Guerilla Games seems to be going for. These Horizon Zero Dawn dungeons are supposedly filled with puzzles, intense platforming and some of the most challenging robot battles in the entire game.

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Not only are these dungeons for those truly proficient at the game, they also present a pretty intriguing picture with their level design and artistry, each dungeon possessing a unique life of its own that sets it apart from other Horizon Zero Dawn dungeons.

In other recent news, Guerilla Games has officially confirmed a photo mode for Horizon Zero Dawn. The photo mode should allow players to pause the game, hide the hud and then take amazing screenshots of the open world with various filters and camera angles.

Some of the recently emerged gameplay footage also showed a few new gadgets and tricks available to Aloy as she makes her way across the post-apocalyptic futuristic world of the game.

One such tool is the Override tool which will allow Aloy to “tame” various robots in the game world and make them friendly to her. The tool is available fairly early in the game and should open up interesting gameplay mechanics similar to those from Far Cry Primal.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to launch exclusively for PS4 on 28th February.

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