Horizon Zero Dawn Development Budget is Over 45 Million Euros

Horizon Zero Dawn has been in development since 2011-2012. The game just released and has we have nothing but praise for GG.

The developer worked on Killzone games for a long time and putting something like this in the market is absolutely amazing. You can clearly see the hard work as well as the amount of money put into this game. According to Guerilla Games, the company put over 45 million Euros into Horizon Zero Dawn, making it the largest Dutch Media production ever.

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The concept of Zero Dawn was floated back in 2011 and without a doubt, it was the riskiest move. GG held a contest among its employees to bring their ideas forward. Many ideas were presented but the ultimate decision was made in favor of Horizon Zero Dawn.

The first three years shaped the story, environment, and art of Horizon Zero Dawn. The rest of the development took place in the following years.

Horizon Zero Dawn as of now is the best looking PlayStation 4 game. Its beauty is only enhanced to a new level if you are using the PlayStation 4 Pro. From the lush green forest to the snowy mountains, Zero Dawn’s graphics and art will often leave you in awe.

However you see Horizon Zero Dawn, it is a Masterpiece, a marvel of a video game that showcases the immense talent of the developers and delivers a compelling story with well-crafted gameplay mechanics in an immersive environment full of awe-inspiring moments.

Source: NRC

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