Horizon Zero Dawn Deathbringer Guide

Our Horizon Zero Dawn Deathbringer Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about finding Deathbringer’s weaknesses and tips and tactics to defeat it.

Deathbringer is the perfect example of size isn’t everything as this hulking robot might look pretty intimidating at first but is actually one of the easier ones to defeat.

Deathbringer isn’t a normal enemy that players encounter in the world and is actually part of a mission as a boss. Once the mission starts, players will be on a balcony and they should jump down from it as soon as possible or the boss will destroy the balcony and players will die instantly.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Deathbringer

Deathbringers are not only vulnerable to fire attacks like most robots in Horizon Zero Dawn but also extremely weak against shock damage. While other robots do take shock damage and get stunned, a Deathbringer can actually be killed with just Shock attacks.

Here are the weapons that Deathbringers wield:


Repeater Canon Turret: This is a long-range turret that is mounted on the side and also has high fire rate.
Heavy Canon Turret: This one is also long range but a shoulder mounted beam canon.
Flame Thrower: This, as the name suggests is a flame thrower that will cause burns.
Grenade Launcher: This throws grenades over long range with a high fire rate and can easily get rid of obstacles.

Deathbringer has two vulnerabilities, which are his Deathbringer core and Cooling rods and is resistant towards Corruption

Of course like every other robot out there, its armor needs to be removed first and that is where Tearblast arrows come in.

Alternate between Tearblast, Shock and Fire arrows and pretty soon the Deathbringer will have exposed all its orange glowing weak spots which can be targeted for critical damage.

The Deathbringer is equipped with a machine gun turret on the left and right side of its body which can be a nuisance.

Players should fire a few Tearblast arrows on these to neutralize them early on in the fight. Continuing to hit the robot further with Fire arrows will cause it to overheat and expose its cooling rods which can be targeted with hard hitting arrows like the precision ones.

Concentration skill can be quite useful in this fight as players can slow down time and hit the weakspots easily while dodging the rockets which the Deathbringer fires. Since the robot is pretty slow, it is easy to just run around in it circle and keep it guessing where the players will attack from next.

Stay in one place for too long can be dangerous because of its ranged attacks since the robot moves pretty slow so it shouldn’t be able to catch up to the player, unless they stay in one place throughout the entire fight.

Instead of continuously using Fire arrows, players can also use Shock ones to deal a fair amount of damage and stun the Deathbringer for a while.

This is super effective on the orange glowing canisters once the outer armor layers are removed. While the normal arrows in this situation work best, the added stun bonus of Shock arrows makes up for the lack of damage.

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