Horizon Zero Dawn Bellowback Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Bellowback Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about finding Bellowback’s weaknesses with tips and tactics to defeat it.

Bellowback is one of the highly challenging robots players will encounter in Horizon Zero Dawn. Fighting a Bellowback alongside another enemy can be a daunting task so players should completely forget about taking on more than they can handle.

This HZD Bellowback guide will mention the best tips and strategy to take out these robotic monsters and ensure that the players come through relatively unscathed.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Bellowback

The Bellowback is vulnerable to elemental attacks and players should make full use of those to make sure the enemy exposes its weak spots which can be targeted for massive damage.

While there are numerous weak spots on the Bellowback’s body, the best ones are the canisters on its belly but hitting them can require some skill.

Thankfully, stun works great against a Bellowback which will cause it to expose those canisters so players can shoot fire arrows at them and cause an explosion, dealing considerable amount of damage. A sling with shock bombs or a trip wire can help here. Two Shock bombs should be enough to stun the robot for a short while.

Similarly, Shock traps and trip wire can also help stun it but they require more patience and players should be able to kite the Bellowback around while staying safe.

Although, unlike a shock bomb, just one shock trap or trip wire will do the trick but getting the enemy in the right spot does present some challenge.

Once the monster flips over by any shock attack, players can either target the canisters or shoot arrows at its gullet to disable its flamethrower attack.

After disabling the flamethrower, there is little to worry about from the Bellowback and players can simply repeat the above-mentioned tips to stun it and shoot the canisters. A few of those explosions should be enough to kill it.

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