Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figure Locations Guide

Following Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk figures locations guide will help you get your hands on the entire list of figures and unlock the trophy.

Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk figures are required to unlock one of the Trophies. The trophy in question is “All Banuk Figures Found” and you would need to visit a host of different locations to find these figures.

Following Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk figures locations guide will help you get your hands on the entire list of figures and unlock the trophy.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figure Locations

So where are these sneaky little buggers? There are a total of six Banuk figures in Horizon Zero Dawn. There are maps in the game that will you find these figures but keep in mind that they will only give you a general idea of where they are.

Once you reach the area, you need to locate Banuk figures yourself. Apart from unlocking the trophy, Horizon Zero Dawn’s Banuk Figures can be sold to merchants back home.

Set 1

My Claim
One of the Banuk figures are located northeast of the Devil’s Thirst Camp. Move out of the camp and reach the base of this mountain. Here, you’ll find multiple paintings on the rock. These will give you an idea of where to climb.

Make your way up to the mountain. Keep going until you see the telltale signs of the native artwork.

It won’t be easy to climb the walls but it won’t too long to do so. Reach the top of the mountain to collect the figure from the top.

I Name You
The next Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk figure is to the north of Hunter’s Gathering. Go to the figure location on the map from the village and you will find the way up through the pole and walls.

After you pass the zip line and head inside the mountain, you’ll have to climb up even further. There are painted signs on the rock so keep following them to reach the Banuk Figure.

Set 2

This particular figure is to the east of the Banuk Encampment in the northeast of the Zero Dawn’s map. You will notice snowy cliffs to the east, head to the cliffs. There is a large painting on a rock where you will find the figure tucked underneath.

I Cannot Confess
Go back to the Meridian and head west from this location. Go into the dense forest where there are beautiful lush green environments. You need to reach the Meridian campfire, which is atop a cliff, to find this one.

You’ll come across a rope before you reach this cliff. Jump to the end of the rope which is close to the cliff that you’re on and then run along it towards the figure.

Set 3

The Vision
Northwest of the Rustwash Tallneck is the location of the next Banuk figure. You can fast travel to this location, fast travel to the campfire north of the Tallneck. You need to go past the Tramplers and Borad heads on this area of the map. There is an archway here, go beyond it and locate the pole and several rocks, climb up all the way to find the figure.

Go to the northern area of the map (south of Pitchcliff), locate the location of on the map and head to the nearest campfire which is to the southeast of the figure. There is a hidden path along the cliffsides where you will run into a number of enemies. Reach the top to find Horizon Zero Dawn’s final Banuk figure.

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