Horizon Forbidden West Tips

Horizon Forbidden West follows up the story from the first entry, and this time, there is a lot to do in the game. This guide lists some must-know Horizon Forbidden West Tips to make it a better experience as you jump back in.

Horizon Forbidden West Tips

If you have forgotten what the first game was about or didn’t play the first game, fear not, as when you will start Horizon Forbidden West, you will be given a quick recap of Horizon Zero Dawn’s story to get you up to speed quickly.

Once you are finally in Horizon Forbidden West, the following essential tips will help you guide Aloy through her journey.

Movement is Key

Aloy’s HP and defense stats will be quite low at the start of the story, making her easy to get knocked. However, you can escape this fate by being mobile during your fights.

Aloy has slides, dodges, glides, and grapple moves in her arsenal, and you can use them to stay on top of the enemies.

Search for Loot

While exploring the open world of Horizon Forbidden West, you will come across various types of items that you can search and salvage for loot. You will obtain different resources and treasures when searching the items.

Level Up Armor

As stated above, Aloy’s defense and armor are very weak in the beginning. So, make sure that you keep leveling up your armor as soon as you can.

The Armors and Outfits have different perks and upgrade slots that are unlocked as you progress.

Make sure that you keep leveling up to boost your defensive stats, as you will need them against the stronger enemies later on in the game.

Armor upgrades aren’t just stats either. HFW also allows you to customize the look of Aloy’s outfits by dying them with different colors.

Coil and Weave Mods

Coil and Weave mods for armor and weapons make a return from the first Horizon game.

These mods provide different types of boosts, including ammo types and passive abilities. Make sure you utilize them to get an advantage over the enemies.

Invest in Skill Tree

Horizon Forbidden West has a skill tree that is broken into different play styles. You can choose to invest in the skills that suit your play style.

Investing more into one chosen playstyle will allow you to master all of the skills under it which also aids in unlocking specific Trophies if you are a completionist.

Enemy Weaknesses

In Horizon Forbidden West, you will be going against various different types of enemies during your journey in the vast open world. Therefore, it will be vital for you to know which type of enemy has what weakness, so it will get easier for you to take them down during fights.

Many enemies also have weak points on their bodies which deal them far more damage than normal. You can use Aloy’s Focus scan to highlight these parts and then hit them to take them down.

Elemental Combos

In HFW, make sure to use Elemental Combos. Elemental Combos deal with different types of effects that will negatively affect them during the fights.

These combos will be important against tougher enemies, so make sure you use them correctly.

Mix up Weapon types

Using the same type of weapons in Horizon Forbidden West may deplete your resources quicker. That is why it is suggested to use multiple different types of weapons so that your resources are maintained.

Sell Treasures

You can sell your treasures to earn money in HFW. The treasures you do not require can be sold to obtain money which can then be used to purchase needed items and utility such as shards etc.

Search Sunken Valleys

You will need Greenshine to upgrade weapons and armors in the latter part of the game. This resource can be most commonly found in Sunken Valleys.

Make sure to thoroughly search these valleys to obtain greenshine for upgrades.

Hunter Ground Trials

Hunter Trials are like mini-quests in which you will have to complete a few objectives which will test your different hunting skills.

In Hunting Grounds, there are robots that you will have to kill as well. There are 12 Hunting Ground Trials in Horizon Forbidden West that you can complete for Hunting Ground Medals.

Climbing Markers

You will have to climb up mountains and other areas to reach certain places in the open world. Climbing  them may get a little tricky, but thankfully, there is a setting that will turn on annotations which will highlight the spots you can use to climb

To turn them on, head to settings and choose the Visual menu. From there, turn the Climbing Annotations on and then start climbing!


You will have a new tool named Pullcaster, which is used to grapple and pull down certain things such as moving down crates and pulling covers. To use it, press the L2+Triangle key to equip it.

Use Fast Travel

After reaching a certain point in the game and discovering different locations, you will then be able to fast travel using the campfire.

This will become very useful to get from one point of the map to the other quickly, so make sure that you use this feature once it is unlocked.

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