Horizon Forbidden West The Taste Of Victory Walkthrough

“The Taste of Victory” is one of the rather easy errands to complete in Horizon Forbidden West. All you need to do is gather some cooking ingredients and in return, you will receive a special meal to enjoy alongside some experience points and a skill point to level up.

Still, if you are having a problem with the errand, the following walkthrough will explain every little detail there is to know about the objectives you must complete here.

How To Unlock The Taste Of Victory

Aloy needs to travel to Salt Bite whies lies northwest of the Scalding Spear. She will find Pentalla here who is looking to cook a special meal. She needs Aloy to help her gather the special ingredients though.

The recommended level for The Taste of Victory errand quest is level 15.

How To Complete The Taste Of Victory

Pentalla requires Aloy to find 5x Bird Egg and 6x Bird Meat.

To gather the bird eggs, Aloy needs to go to the islands located north of Salt Bite. There are two islands and Aloy will have to swim to reach those islands. Aloy will have to explore both the big and small islands to gather the eggs.


There will be goose nests all around the islands containing the bird eggs. They will have a purple-colored marker on them so if you use your focus, you can highlight the locations of the bird eggs. There might be some enemies nearby, but they are optional fights so you can skip them.

To gather the bird meat, go to the northern land of the island. You will find some geese there. You have to hunt these geese and collect their meat. Once you are done gathering the bird meat, you can go back to Pentalla.

After you hand over the ingredients to Pentalla, she will give you her thanks and cook you a meal.

The Taste of Victory Errand Quest Rewards

The rewards for completing the errand quest are:

  • 2750 XP
  • 1x Skill Point

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