Horizon Forbidden West The Souvenir Walkthrough

"The Souvenir" is one of the late-game errand quests that you can pick up to clear all markers from your...

“The Souvenir” is one of the late-game errand quests that you can pick up to clear all markers from your world in Horizon Forbidden West. That as well as to achieve the platinum trophy and unlock a free weapon in the game.

In this errand, Aloy must track down a missing brother. She does that a lot in Horizon Forbidden West—track down missing people such as the missing child in Burden of Command.

The following walkthrough will show you how.

How To Unlock The Souvenir

To unlock this quest, you will have to complete Faro’s Tomb – the main quest which will unlock various islands of the Quen clan. Now travel to Legacy’s Waterfall and find Jomar who will give you the errand. The recommended level for this quest is 30.

How To Complete The Souvenir

Jomar is concerned for his brother and tells Aloy about the details of this errand. Apparently, it’s been a long time since his brother left for exploration purposes towards the north along with his team. Jomar also adds that Aloy must look for an artifact that only Oris has and should return to Jomar.

Move north from your current location. You will encounter a dead body on the beach. Jomar’s words replayed in Aloy’s head and she starts examining the body to see if it had any relic on it that Jomar was talking about. However, Aloy is not able to find anything so she moves on.

You will come across several more corpses along the way surrounded by machines including Spikesnouts. Get rid of these machines and continue inspecting the bodies. Aloy, unfortunately, is not able to find anything on it so you will have to use Focus to find some tracks which will lead you to an old broken tower.

Aloy will travel to the top of the tower. After entering, move upwards using clamps on the wall. You will also encounter Sunwings while climbing the tower but you can easily skip these to save your time.

Aloy will encounter a corpse once she reaches the top of the tower and tries to inspect and locate the artifact on the body. Aloy finds something that looks like a guide map of San Francisco which is the relic that Jomar was talking about and Aloy concludes that this is Oris. Travel back to Legacy Waterfalls, find Jomar and let him know about his brother. Hand over the relic to him and your errand will be completed.

The Souvenir Errand Quest Rewards

As a reward, you will receive The Elite Canister Ropecaster. In addition to this impressive weapon, you will gain 6500 XP and +1 Skill Point.

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