Horizon Forbidden West The Gate Of The Vanquished Walkthrough

“The Gate of the Vanquished” is the third and final side quest of a three-part questline for the Desert clan in Horizon Forbidden West.

Aloy must now try to stop an all-out war amongst the Desert clan as they split themselves between Drakka and Yarra.

Concluding this side quest for the Desert clan will also reward you with a new warrior bow for your efforts.

The following walkthrough will help you complete the Gate of the Vanquished side quest with ease in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock The Gate Of The Vanquished

The Gate of the Vanquished will become available once you have completed its previous two side quests: Thirst for the Hunt and Wound in the Sand.

You need to be level 19 or above to take on the Gate of the Vanquished, which is the same as the earlier side quests in the series.


How To Complete The Gate Of The Vanquished

After you complete The Wound in the Sand, Aloy goes and meets Jetakka at the Gate of the Vanquished in the south of the Scalding Spear which also used to be the gateway to an old Cauldron.

Once you arrive there, head inside the Arena and talk to Jetakka. After the discussion, he will try to persuade both Yarra and Drakka to back down from the war, but neither of them will listen to Jetakka.

In the end, Aloy will talk to both Yarra and Drakka and try to persuade them both to back down, but it will be futile and eventually, Aloy will have to pick a side to ally with: either Yarra or Drakka.

This quest is different from the rest as you must actually pick a side and fight alongside the person you choose to side with. The person you refuse to side with will be the one you’ll be fighting against. Even if you decide to not pick any sides, eventually in the end you will be forced to ally with either Yarra or Drakka.

Picking a side, however, will not have any direct effect on your main storyline so you are free to choose whoever you wish to side with. If you choose to fight alongside Drakka, then you will be against Yarra, and if you choose to fight alongside Yarra, then you will be against Drakka. Jetakka will ally with whoever Aloy aligns with.

Once you choose the person whom you wish to ally with and the fight starts, it would be better to take out the warriors charging toward you first. It would be troublesome fighting Yarra or Drakka while also dealing with the warriors, so it is recommended to deal with the warriors first then battle with Yarra or Drakka.

The weak parts of both Yarra and Drakka are their heads. It would be better to destroy their head equipment and deal damage to their heads, as it will be the quickest way to defeat the enemy.

After the fight is over, if you chose to ally with Yarra, then Yarra will kill Drakka and if you chose to ally with Drakka, then Drakka will kill Yrara.

Yarra is the current commander, so if she wins she will keep her position but if Drakka wins, then he will become the new commander. This will be the end of the side quest.

The Gate Of The Vanquished Side Quest Rewards

Even though this side quest requires you to think hard about who to ally with, one good thing about the quest is that you will be rewarded for your participation regardless of who you choose to side with. You get the following rewards for completing this side quest:

  • 4125 XP
  • 3x Skill Points
  • 1x Firestorm Warrior Bow

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