How To Get Legendary Skyhammer In Horizon Forbidden West

The Burning Shores DLC of Horizon Forbidden West introduces a new legendary weapon for the players. Belonging to the Blastsling category, the Horizon Forbidden West legendary Skyhammer is a must-have to help you tackle some of the toughest fights in the DLC. To help you get your hands on the Skyhammer in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores, we have crafted this guide with the weapon location and how to use it.

Horizon Forbidden West Skyhammer location

As mentioned before, Skyhammer is a Blastsling which means it can throw bombs at enemies. As the name suggests, Skyhammer actually rains down destruction on enemies. The elemental bombs from the Skyhammer sling in HFW causes “storms” to appear above enemies before hitting them from above.

The legendary Skyhammer in HFW Burning Shores can be found in the ruins of Los Angeles. These ruins are in the form of a volcanic archipelago. You can find these ruins to the east of Spinebreak from the entrance and to the south of Hades Proving and No-Man Land.

This area of the game is only accessible after clearing the second main quest of the DLC named, “Heaven and Earth”. You will have to do stuff from climbing and shooting to looting some ruins in this quest.

Here’s how to obtain the legendary Skyhammer in Horizon Forbidden West.

In the last part of the Heaven and Earth quest, you need to enter the ruins of an ancient building. There you will encounter some dead bodies. Find some stairs near a dead body and head up these stairs.


Continue moving forward to a narrow pathway behind a round table with some barrels near it and you will enter a room. There is a conference table in the room.

Use your focus to find a treasure chest in the wall. The chest will be in the middle of one of the walls. Now pry open the chest and you will see the Skyhammer blastsling waiting to be picked up.

The final step is to simply equip it and you will have unlocked this legendary weapon. The weapon is fairly easy to unlock but also easy to miss if you try to rush through the mission. Once you have the Skyhammer, it is time to rain down destruction on any machine enemy you see.

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