Horizon Forbidden West Still Releasing For PS5 In 2021

Horizon Forbidden West was recently penned down by Sony Interactive Entertainment for a release on PlayStation 5 in the second half of 2021. Seeing how the worldwide pandemic has already resulted in numerous delays, there were some concerns that developer Guerrilla Games might consider pushing somewhere into 2022. Those said concerns appear to be unfounded.

Speaking with Wired in a recent interview, Guerrilla Games studio director Angie Smets confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West is still looking to release on both PlayStation 4 and 5 later in the year.

The PS5 version though naturally being the most well-equipped for a next-generation experience. Smets backed that up by revealing how the new DualSense haptic feedback introduces a new level of realism in Horizon Forbidden West. “If you want to take a stealth approach to a combat situation and you dive into long grass, you can feel those long grass leaves,” said Smets.

Furthermore, Hermen Hulst, former Guerrilla Games managing director and co-founder and current Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios head, teased that he was able to recently spend time on a preview build of the upcoming sequel about seven or eight months after, and suffice to say, the current build of Horizon Forbidden West looks stunning on PS5. “To step away and to come back to it? Talk about giving me a gift.”

Horizon Forbidden West was announced nearly a year ago but it was only a few months back when Guerrilla Games began focusing all resources into finishing the game. The developer was previously dedicating some of its resources to stabilize Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. That task has since then been wrapped up.

Horizon Forbidden West brings back protagonist Aloy to explore a new frontier of a post-apocalyptic America as she and her comrades head further down to the Pacific coast. This however will not be the end of her story.

Sony has reportedly green-lit Guerrilla Games to create a complete trilogy, meaning that there will eventually be another new Horizon game down the road; perhaps on PlayStation 6.

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