Will Horizon Forbidden West Release for PC?

This news article discusses the possibility of Horizon Forbidden West releasing on PC in the near future!

Aloy is set to return on her adventures in the world of mechanic beasts in the new Horizon Forbidden West game, which is soon to be released on 18th of February 2022.

Horizon Zero Dawn was the first entry of the series and one of the highest-rated PlayStation Games by the developer Guerilla Games. The franchise received so much hype that the fanbase was eager to play the next installment as soon as possible.

The recent hype to PlayStation exclusive games grew so much that Sony decided to expand their platform by releasing some of their games on Steam for PC. Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the Sony exclusives released on PC, along with other famous titles like God of War, Days Gone, and others.

But the bigger question is, Will Horizon Forbidden West Release for PC?

Will Horizon Forbidden West Release for PC?

As of now, there are no signs of Horizon Forbidden West coming to the PC platform.

Sony has confirmed that it will only release the new game on their PlayStation 5 consoles, along with last-gen PlayStation 4. To play Horizon Forbidden West, you will need to own a PS5 or PS4 console.

But with the news of more PlayStation exclusives coming to PC in 2022, it is likely for Sony to release it for PC at some point in time. The previous Horizon Zero Dawn was released in 2017 on PS4, and 2020 for PC. We might have to wait a year or two for Sony to consider their exclusive for PC gamers.