Horizon Forbidden West Londra Boss Guide

The Burning Shores DLC is a true delight for hardcore gamers. The epic Horizon Forbidden West Londra boss fight is a prime example of ...

The Horizon Forbidden West DLC continues mesmerizing fans with its stunning scenery, thrilling missions, and innovative weaponry. It is not just a sequel for casual gamers but a true delight for hardcore gamers. The epic Horizon Forbidden West Londra boss fight is a prime example.

You will face this boss after Horus, but the encounter with this machine is one that an RPG enthusiast would crave. In our Burning Shores Londra boss Guide, we will walk you through the complete procedure to defeat the final boss and provide tips for surviving through the end.

Where to find Londra in Burning Shores DLC

Sylens will guide you to where Londra went for his research in Horizon Forbidden West. The Coast to the Far South, referred to as the Burning Shores, is where you will meet him. That place once was Los Angeles, but now it contains only debris and remains of once-advanced monuments.

First, you will have to face Horus, the giant pet machine Londra has made for creating new robots. After beating up Horus in Burning Shores DLC, you must go down the seawater and enter Horus’ interior to reach Londra.

How to defeat Londra in Horizon Forbidden West

This boss’s new power set and weaponry can make you shiver at first sight but don’t get too panicked. We have done the tough task for you and prepared some useful tips and tricks to easily face Londra and save the world from his evil intentions.

Start the fight with Specter Gauntlet

You will see Londra wired up with Horus’ Core as soon as you enter the inner chamber. This makes him vulnerable compared to when you were fighting with him outside the machine. Craft your Specter Gauntlet (or any other long-range weapon) and fire directly at the Londra in Horizon Forbidden West.

Watch out for Thunder Waves

The main attack of Londra is the Thunder shockwaves that he sends every couple of seconds around everywhere. When these waves get near you, make sure to jump or run out of their range. Failing to do so will get you caught in the thunder wave, dealing extensive damage to your health bar.

Aim for the Connectors

Some Connectors attach Londra to the machine, and you need to target them to loosen the connection between the machine and Londra in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores. The boss will talk big to distract you, but you have to stay focused and keep damaging the connectors.

The two connectors at both sides of the core are your prime target, and destroying them will block the supplies to the core.

Destroy the Distributors

The power source of Londra is distributed using several distributors, and destroying them can cut the power and take Londra to his feet. These distributors are spread on the left and right sides of the core. Attack them individually while watching for the incoming thunder attacks from Londra.

Keep healing items with you

The fight strategy with such a boss is incomplete without bringing some meds and health curatives for the hard times. Your health will be downed several times, and if you do not have health restorers like Large Health Potion in Horizon Forbidden West, the game can be over in the starting phase.

Target the Core when Londra attacks

During the fight, Aloy will notice that the Shield from the core drops whenever Londra deploys an attack. You need to exploit this weak point to drain the boss’s power.

Finally, after a detailed fight scene, the Boss comes down on the ground after you fire your final shot at the Core. Aloy goes near the core-shell and pierces through its center using her spear. This triggers a brief slow-mo scene in the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC, where we see Londra quaking to death. The (so-called) eternal being was not so eternal after all.

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