Horizon Forbidden West Graphics Compared To Zero Dawn’s In New Video

A new video from YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits has just come out, being a Horizon Forbidden West graphics comparison video that puts the upcoming sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn against the original game. And from what we can tell, Forbidden West is an enormous upgrade that shows off the Playstation 5’s power.

While it’s no surprise that the graphics on Horizon Forbidden West would be better than Zero Dawn’s due to it being on a next-gen console, the graphics comparison video really shows off just how different pretty much everything in Forbidden West is, ranging from animation to character models to resolution.

There isn’t much to go on in resolution so far, as the only gameplay video that anyone has access to is from the State of Play gameplay presentation last week that’s compressed down. However, it’s likely that Forbidden West will run at 4K resolution, and possibly have a “performance mode” and “graphics mode” as other games have recently.

The Horizon Forbidden West graphics are also very evident in game models and how they look. Characters, unlike the much-criticized expression work in Zero Dawn, are much more expressive and animated. In cutscenes and conversations, characters will move around much more than simple head-jerking.

Aloy herself has also gotten a design change in Forbidden West. Along with her earpiece being different, her face is now fuller and rounder, and also got a small number of freckles scattered across her face. Hair also looks better on every model, looking more distinct instead of large blocks of motionless objects.

Water physics have also improved, naturally. Since the game now takes place on the West Coast of the post-apocalyptic United States, Aloy is going to be doing a lot of swimming, which we saw in the gameplay preview. With water, comes reflections as well, though it doesn’t seem like Forbidden West will make use of ray-tracing.

Alongside water, much more vegetation is also visible, and also reacts to Aloy passing through it, something that didn’t happen in the original game, which will help to make the whole place feel more alive.

You can find the Horizon Forbidden West graphics comparison video here to see for yourself just how much the game has changed from Zero Dawn. Horizon Forbidden West doesn’t have a release date yet, but will be coming out on Playstation 5 and Playstation 4 sometime this year.