Horizon Forbidden West Machines Detailed By Guerrilla Games

A new Horizon Zero Dawn game means new machines for Aloy to run across, and now Guerrilla Games has given us some details on the sorts of Horizon Forbidden West machines that we’ll be encountering during Aloy’s journey to the West Coast on the Playstation 5 in a few years.

The trailer that we received at the Playstation 5’s reveal event gave us two new robot creatures that we’d be seeing in the new game. Both were later given a bit of detail on the official Guerrilla Games Twitter account, naming them the Shellsnapper (the turtle) and the Bristlebacks.

Shellsnappers are large, turtle-like machines that can dig into the ground and remain dormant for long periods of time, stretching into weeks as their hard shells become covered by foliage. Bristlebacks, despite being herd-based robots, are quite aggressive and use their tusks to attack threats.

While so far they’re rather low-tier compared to other machines we saw in the original Horizon Zero Dawn, which included things like Thunderjaws, Fireclaws, Stormbirds, and more, we likely haven’t seen the full extent of the mechanical creatures that have replaced the vast majority of Earth’s wildlife in the region of Forbidden West.

It’s likely that Guerrilla will unveil more Horizon Forbidden West machines as the game gets closer to release, especially considering they didn’t reveal the name of the large elephant-like machines that the antagonist faction of the game seemed to be using as war beasts at the end of the trailer, along with the pterodactyl-like flying ones.

With the huge amount of machines that were already in the original Horizon Zero Dawn and its expansion The Frozen Wilds, there’s no telling what Guerrilla has up their sleeves to keep players on their toes in the sequel. While we can likely expect a few familiar faces, there’s no telling what else Guerrilla has planned.

There’s no confirmed release date for Horizon Forbidden West yet, but you can follow Guerrilla’s Twitter account to see every other machine that they reveal along with any other information about the game.