Horizon Forbidden West Might Get Delayed Into 2022

There is a strong likelihood that Horizon Forbidden West will not meet its slated 2021 holiday release window after all.

According to GamesBeat editor Jeff Grubb (via Reddit) earlier today, publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment has been considering to delay Horizon Forbidden West to somewhere in 2022.

The presumption being that developer Guerrilla Games needs more time to finish up development. However, Grubb made sure to clarify that while a delay is what he has heard from his sources, the claim should be treated as just another rumor unless an official acknowledgement arrives.

Horizon Forbidden West has been pegged to launch around the 2021 holiday season but with just a few more months to go, neither Sony nor Guerrilla Games has come forward to confirm a specific release date.

Recently though, Guerrilla Games reiterated that development has been proceeding as scheduled and an update will be provided soon regarding the release date. That update however never arrived.

Grubb also stated that Sony will be hosting a new State of Play in September 2021 which should be where Horizon Forbidden West is officially confirmed to be either getting delayed or releasing as planned. Hence, until then, fans should play it safe and treat news about a delay as just a rumor.

Horizon Forbidden West remains in active development for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Considering that the first Horizon Zero Dawn made its way to PC due to a new Sony-led initiative to port notable PlayStation exclusives, it reasons that the sequel will receive a PC release as well, at least in the future.

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