Horizon Forbidden West Call And Response Walkthrough

“Call and Response” is one of the late-game errands that you can complete in Horizon Forbidden West.

The errand will task Aloy to head out to a Watchtower which is being overseen by a squad of Sky Clan soldiers. She must bring them back home safely.

The following walkthrough will explain how to unlock and complete the Call and Response errand in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock Call And Response

Call and Response is a follow-up to the main Broken Sky quest in the game. Hence, you will first need to complete The Broken Sky questline in order to unlock the Call and Response errand.

Kotallo will ask you to speak with Chaplain Gerrah in the Bulwark. Gerrah will ask Aloy for a favor which begins the errand.

How To Complete Call And Response

Head westwards from the Bulwark towards the Cold Rushes where you will find an old Watchtower. Meet with Kivva and tell her to get done with the necessary preparations for a trip back home.


Unfortunately, Ezekko, one of the members of the party, is not present there. Kivva remembers that he is guarding another post at the moment. They try calling for him by sending out a loud horn but receive no response. Kivva feels that something is wrong and Ezekko might be in danger. Thus, she asks for Aloy’s help to find Ezekko.

Aloy agrees and starts heading towards the mountain where the other watchtower is located. It would take some time in climbing this mountain but to reduce the difficulty you can use your Focus to help you find the handholds easily. You will find two Skydrifters at the base of the tower which you will have to get rid of to proceed further.

Now move on and search for Ezekko. Unfortunately, Aloy will not be able to find anything other than a dead body that belonged to Ezekko. He lowered his guard so he wasn’t able to defend against the Skydrifter’s attack and ended up losing his life.

This will be when a loud horn from the watchtower, where everyone else is, suddenly sounds out of nowhere. When you rush back to the Watchtower, you will find four Glinthawks attacking the squad. Help Kivva and the rest beat the machines.

After defeating the machines, tell Kivva about Ezekko’s death, and with this, the errand will be completed.

Call And Response Errand Rewards

The rewards for the completion of this errand are 3600 XP, +1 Skill Point, and 1 Tenakth Marauder.

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