Horizon Forbidden West Will Continue Aloy’s Story On PS5

It was never a secret that Guerrilla Games was working on a follow-up to Horizon Zero Dawn. That much-anticipated sequel is called Horizon Forbidden West and will be picking up from where the original one left off.

Sony Interactive Entertainment made the announcement earlier today during the PlayStation 5 reveal event with a debut trailer that showed Aloy and her associates exploring a new frontier of a post-apocalyptic America. Horizon Zero Dawn took place in the western states as well like Colorado and Utah. The sequel will now head to the Pacific coast where Aloy will continue to unravel the origins of what destroyed her world.

Horizon Forbidden West will feature new and multiple biomes, all of which while being gorgeous will also introduce new robotic creatures based on animals like boars, turtles, and wooly mammoths.

Horizon Forbidden West remains without a release date but based on previous rumors, has been slated to launch in early 2021 for PlayStation 5. There could still be a chance for the sequel to be a launch title at the end of the year.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a massive success on PlayStation 4 and sold more than 10 million copies worldwide within the first couple of years. Guerrilla Games had already started work on the sequel soon after the original was released in early 2017. Horizon Forbidden West was reportedly a current-generation offering on PlayStation 4 when development began before Sony had Guerrilla Games shift development to the next-generation PlayStation 5 instead.

Horizon Forbidden West will not be the end of Aloy. Guerrilla Games has reportedly been tasked by Sony to create a complete trilogy, meaning that there will eventually be another new dawn down the road.

Elsewhere, Horizon Zero Dawn will be releasing for PC via Steam in the coming months. Provided that the port is a stellar hit, Sony and Guerrilla Games could consider dropping Horizon Forbidden West on PC as well.

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