Horizon Forbidden West A Dash Of Courage Walkthrough

"A Dash of Courage" is one of the first errands you will come by in Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy will...

“A Dash of Courage” is one of the first errands you will come by in Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy will be given a fairly easy task to head out and search for cooking supplies and ingredients.

If you are still facing some problems, the following walkthrough will help you complete the errand in quick time.

How To Unlock A Dash Of Courage

To unlock the quest, simply meet up with Milduf in Chainscrape and have a conversation with him. The recommended level for this errand is 5.

How To Complete A Dash Of Courage

The ingredients that Milduf needs to prepare the meals are 5x Wild Meat, 3x Bitter Leaf, and 1x Metal Panel that is grooved on the surface to provide additional strength.

The first two items are relatively easy to find. Hunt some wild animals for the meat and head westwards towards the mountains to search for the Bitter Leafs.

For the panel, you will have to put in some effort and fight some Scroungers at a place located to the north. Once you get rid of the Scroungers, you will be able to find the panel by searching for it in the scrap piles.

Once you are done gathering all the ingredients, head back to Milduf and enjoy a special meal that he prepares in appreciation which will give you a health bonus.

A Dash Of Courage Errand Rewards

As a reward for completion of this errand, you will receive 830XP and +1 Skill Points.

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