Hood: Outlaws & Legends Tooke Guide

The hardest character in Hood: Outlaws and Legends is Tooke, a melee attacker and a healer who possesses a handful of unique perks and abilities. Unfortunately, mastering them is not an easy job. In this Hood: Outlaws and Legends Tooke Guide, we’ll be showing you how to gain proficiency with the Mystic character class.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Tooke

In Hood Outlaw and Legends, each character is allowed to equip three unique perks. These perks change your character’s stats and abilities, which allow the players to master their character’s playstyle, freely. Let’s take a look at the best and the most suitable perks for Tooke, and How to Play Tooke.

Best Perks

As mentioned before, each character is granted a slot to equip three unique perks. Therefore, we’ll be focusing on three of the best of Tooke’s perks/Tooke’s abilities.

Pastoral Aid – Perk #1
The number one position for the best perk goes to Pastoral Aid. This perk is unlocked at level 5, and it allows Tooke to go past his own created gas. Passing Tooke’s gas is not an easy thing to do since it sucks all the stamina out of the opponent, and that goes for you as well if you somehow manage to get caught in it.

Using this perk also allows you to extract chests at a rapid speed, relatively faster than most of the players. However, the main downside of this perk is that it slows down your spawn point collection.

Suffocating Balm – Perk #2
Unlocked at level 7, the Suffocating Balm drains the opponent’s stamina in Tooke’s gas cloud at an even faster pace as compared to Pastoral Aid.

This perk blocks any movement of the opponents who are caught within its radius, leaving them open for an attack and allowing you to go on a rampage with your killing streak.

Vampiric Bludgeon – Perk #3
Unlocked at level 10, the Vampiric Bludgeon takes the last slot for the best Tooke Perk in Hood: Outlaws and Legend.

The Vampiric Bludgeon perk enhances Tooke’s leaching effect and allows him to heal once the opponent is damaged by a melee attack, making you almost unkillable in any fight. Combine this perk with your Flail, and you get the most powerful combo in the game.

How to Play as Tooke

Tooke is the hardest character to master. His Flail makes his character even more complex to control. Therefore, the first thing you want to do is master Tooke’s Flail moveset.

Tooke’s Flail is capable of performing fast light attacks as well as slow heavy attacks.

Start with a heavy attack, then follow it up with light attacks. Keep in mind that, heavy attack drains your stamina to the minimum and can get you exhausted quickly; therefore, do not make it your primary attack. Instead, focus on balancing between the two attacks to better manage your stamina.

Apart from the Flail, Tooke also possesses an Instinct ability. This ability allows him to mark the enemy’s territory and helps him heal you along with your teammates during a fight for an objective.

Using this ability and following it up by throwing a gas grenade is a match made in heaven that can easily get you the victory. Continue practicing Tooke’s character and make full use of his weapons and gears to master them.

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