Hood: Outlaws & Legends Robin Guide

Robin is one of the marksmen characters in Hood: Outlaws and Legends. This Hood: Outlaws & Legends Robin guide covers everything about Robin the Ranger, his abilities, and all of the best perks for him.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Robin

Robin is one of the four characters available in Hood at launch is fairly good at ranged attacks. He is a marksman/ranger and can prove quite deadly by positioning himself at the right spots for accurate shots.

Robin’s Abilities

Talking about Abilities, Robin has the following traits that make him a good choice for a marksman’s position:

Farsight: An ability that you can activate to shoot an ethereal arrow that will explode after hitting the target.

Flash Grenade: Robin possesses flash grenades that you can utilize to blind the targets for a specific duration.

Scout: Robin is a scout and hence the target tags last longer for him.

Longbow: Longbow is a weapon that Robin holds. You can use it for taking a good aim and shooting for a quickfire shot.


Here are some of the perks that you should consider equipping for Robin, based on your playstyle. We have categorized them according to the Perk Slots they should be equipped in.

Perk Slot 1

Reticent Recon
Reticent Recon is ideal to be equipped in Perk Slot 1, at Level 2. This perk gives bonus XP for those enemies that carry an objective. It also enhances Robin’s climbing speed and lets him capture points quickly.

The only drawback to this perk is that it reduces chest extraction speed.

Focused Flight
Focused Flight should be equipped in Perk Slot 1, at Level 8. It makes the Ability Meter fill faster after Longshot kills.

Perk Slot 2

Scavenger is a pretty appreciated perk for Slot 2, at level 3. This perk increases the amount of ammo that you gain from assassinations.

Ideal to be equipped in Slot 2, at Level 10; Broadhead increases arrows’ damage from charged shots. Not just this, Broadhead also makes the arrows less vulnerable to break. The only drawbacks, however, are that short-range accuracy and quickfire damage is decreased.

Bodkin Point
Bodkin Point is also an ideal perk for Slot 2, considering the beginner-friendly experience it offers. Where Broadhead increases the damage of quickfire, Bodkin Point increases the speed and range of the arrows.

Perk Slot 3

Elemental Arrow
To be equipped in perk slot 3, at level 9, Elemental Arrow makes the ethereal arrow explode after a specific time period. Though this effect seems a little underwhelming, it proves out to be of great usage as the exploding arrow is impossible to be dodged.

Mercurial Arrow
Mercurial Arrow is ideal to be equipped in Perk slot 3, at level 10. This is because it grants an explosive effect to the arrow upon impact. However, unlike in Elemental Arrow, Mercurial Arrow’s arrow has a shorter range