Hood: Outlaws & Legends Marianne Guide

Hood: Outlaws and Legends has a unique roster of characters, but Marianne is the only female character in the entire game. She plays the role of Hunter, and her assassination capabilities are unmatched. This Hood: Outlaws & Legends Marianne guide will help you make get the most out of Marianne’s assassin skills by highlighting her best perks and abilities.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Marianne

Marianne is a great assassin, and with her own hidden blade and crossbow, many players out there would love to go in stealth mode with her. Her perks and gear also help her shine as the deadliest and stealthiest assassin in the world of Hood: Outlaws and Legends.

Marianne’s Abilities

These are the basic ability, traits and gear that Marianne or the Hunter class has that help her excel her as an effective assassin.

Ability – Shroud: This is the basic ability that Marianne has. Shroud ability allows Marianne to be undetectable by guards. Marianne appears almost invisible to other players, making it very hard to detect her and nearly impossible to spot her from a distance. This ability allows Marianne to move around fairly undetected and stay hidden in the shadows.

Gear – Smoke Bomb: Smoke Bomb seems like the go to choice as gear for almost any assassin. Using a smoke bomb obscures visibility and allows you to get away when being ambushed by enemies. Smoke Bombs also prevent tagging, allowing you to get away from enemy players without being marked by them for their entire team.

Weapon – Crossbow: The crossbow is the basic weapon that Marianne uses. The weapon is self-explanatory. It allows Marianne to engage enemies from a distance while staying hidden. It has medium range and has the ability to either single shot bolt or multi-shot three bolts at once. This allows different engagement options for Marianne.

Best Perks

Marianne has many perks at her disposal, all of which help complement her role as an assassin. Here are the three perks we consider to be the best in the long run:

Slot 1 Perk
For slot 1, we recommend Efficient Assassin Perk. It is a level 2 perk. Efficient Assassin perk speeds up actions such as assassination speed. Efficient Assassins grants additional XP for every move along with faster assassinations, making it much more effective.

Another benefit of Efficient Assassin Perk is that it grants an additional ability recharge. This means you can use your ability once more before it recharges. This allows you to be sneakier in crowded areas for Marianne.

Another option you can look at for Slot 1 is using Roving Rogue. It is a level 2 perk. This perk allows you to move faster while crouching. As an assassin, most of your time will be spent crouching, and faster movement speed while crouching not only allows you to keep your cover intact but also get kills and complete objectives faster. You also loot ammo faster and have a chance of getting additional ammo, which is really good.

Slot 2 Perk
The first recommendation for Slot 2 perk is Phantom Stalker. It is a level 9 perk. This perk allows you to get the most out of your ability, Shroud. When the ability is activated, this perk increases your crouch movement speed and further reduces your visibility. This is invaluable for players who use the ability often or when they are engaging multiple enemies.

The second recommendation is Territorial Thief. It is a level 3 perk. This perk is very good for players who are objective-focused. It allows players to start the match with a complete ability charge allowing them to access their ability whenever they want. With this, this perk allows players to claim capture points faster with slower chest extraction. The perk works wonders for those who focus on the objective.

Slot 3 Perk
The only option players should go for here is Silent Slaughter. It is a level 4 perk. Any execution done when the Shroud ability is active replenishes the meter and prolongs the duration of the ability. This allows you to stay in Shroud mode as long as you keep on getting executions. Since Shroud makes you nearly invisible, the next execution is also made easier as you now retain the invisibility.

Tips to Play Marianne

Marianne has a crossbow, which naturally makes her a ranged character to play. Close range open combat is high risk and will almost never turn out in her favor. The only time players should go for close-ranged combat is when going for an assassination.

Using Marianne’s crossbow also requires some practice. Most players will go for the multi-shot mode by default. This is, however, not the most optimal choice in all scenarios. If your target is moving fast, missing shots by using multi-shot mode will waste bolts and, later on, leave you vulnerable.

Delaying shots will also allow your targets to avoid the bolts after the first. Make sure you either fire rapidly and more preferably on a stationary target or one who does not know you are there. Otherwise, go with the single-shot mode.

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