Hood: Outlaws & Legends John Guide

Hood: Outlaws and Legends have introduced a character named John. If you’re still learning the mechanics of the games, then he is an ideal choice for you. In this Hood: Outlaws & Legends John Guide, we’ll be showing you everything you need to know to master the Brawler class and its moveset.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends John

In Hood: Outlaws and Legends, you’ll notice that every character carries their abilities and physiognomy. Each of which benefits you while playing the game. However, John is one character that would be considered noob-friendly in the game, thanks to a slight learning curve. Consult the information below to learn How to Play John better and more effectively.

Following are some of the best of John’s perks and how you can utilize them to turn the tide of the battlefield in your favor in Hood: Outlaws and Legends.

Dying Retaliation – Perk #1
For the First Perk Slot, John offers you Dying Retaliation. Although John has a total of four perks in the first slot, Dying Retaliation is the most significant one. This perk will allow you to make some fast and heavy attacks when you fall low on your health.

Since John is already a bulkier character, these heavy attacks are his strongest attacks against the enemies.

It will help you create a more significant impact and get you out of the situations where your life is at risk. While also having this perk, your Parry will increase to a level where it will thump the enemy way farther than you’d expect.

You will unlock Dying Retaliation after John makes it to level 2.

Cargo Carrier and Stable Tank – Perk #2
Just like the first slot, you’ll find four of John’s perks in this slot. Compared to the first slot, this slot has two significant perks, Cargo Carrier and Stable Tank. You have the liberty to choose either depending on your play style and comfort level.

The first perk, Cargo Carrier, is the most useful while completing objectives. It can help you with swift victory by carrying and winding the chest faster. However, if you drop the chest, you’ll lose plenty of gold. It will also affect your point-scoring by slowing and degrading the spawn points. So it is best to plan out a strategy with your teammates for a better execution while carrying the chest.

To unlock Cargo Carrier, John needs to reach level 10.

The second perk of this slot is the Stable Tank. Stable Tank comes in handy when on battlegrounds. This will assist in increasing John’s health and decrease the cost of stamina for blocking. With the right strategies, use this perk to hold enemies while your teammates can complete the tasks.

To unlock Stable Tanks, John needs to reach Level 3.

Enraged Infusion – Perk #3
For this slot, there are a total of three of John’s perks available. The best of three has to be the Enraged Infusion. Out of all three, this is the first perk you will be acquiring from this slot. This perk will help you create a bigger impact using your light attacks by inflicting more significant damage to enemies.

However, it does also comes with a drawback. Your Special Ability Meter will be slowed when filled with assassinations. It wouldn’t cause too much effect on your performance, though, as you will be attacking with powerful punches. You’ll also take down your enemies with the swings of a hefty hammer.

To unlock Enraged Infusion, John needs to reach Level 4.

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