Hood: Outlaws & Legends Tips for Perfect Heists

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is a unique multiplayer game that requires an in-depth understanding of many of its elements to be able to successfully do heists. In this guide, we have some tips and tricks that you should follow to be able to pull off perfect heists in Hood: Outlaws and Legends.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Heist Tips

Hood: Outlaws and Legends can overwhelm players with the number of mechanics, the versatility of its classes, and ways to achieve objectives and complete heists. However, the following beginner tips should help you digest all of it and get an edge over the other team if you keep them in mind.


You cannot expect to be successful if you go all Rambo mode against the enemies that you may encounter during the heist. Therefore, at all costs, you need to stay low and avoid most of them.

If there is someone you must eliminate, then reach behind them slowly and make a silent kill. However, make sure you’re using a class well suited to that job (Stealth killing with a hunter and ranger is way easier than the brawler!)

If the guards are in pairs, you can ask a fellow outlaw to join you to perform a double takedown. You can use stones to distract guards and avoid them.

You must not alert the guards as it will initiate a lockdown, and the entire enemy team will be made aware of your location. Consequently, you will start to run out of options; therefore, being discrete is the best strategy.


Winching is the essential part of any heist as it determines who is the winner and who gets the treasure in how much time. The Wincher in your team will extract the treasure, and your job is to defend him as he is vulnerable at this point.

You must deploy snipers to make sure that no enemy teams can reach the winchers. Make sure that you are using Marianne’s smoke grenades to hide the winchers from enemy snipers.

State Vault and other Important Loot in the Map

One of the most important things to get your hand on at the start of the match is the Sheriff’s key. The Sheriff can be found patrolling in the area as indicated by a line on the map. One of your team members needs to meld into the patrolling party and steal the key from Sheriff.

After you pickpocket the Sheriff for the key, the location of the treasure in the State Vault will be revealed to you first, which you can loot. You also get faster respawn time as a bonus.

Opening the state vault requires time, even if you have the key from the Sheriff and during that time, the rest of the team has to defend the vault opener. One who gets the treasure first is netted off with an experience bonus, and if your team leaves, it will become the ambush for the enemy team.

Furthermore, throughout the map, there are gearboxes containing unique throwables that each character can loot and use when required, like Smoke bombs or heal bombs. These throwables are very useful when things get bad.

Combat Tips

You need to work as a team and work in groups of two to cover more areas and do takedowns from a distance if the other group is in danger. Each Outlaw in your team has a special and unique ability that can be complemented with the perk of another.

Make sure that you use the right teammates together to effectively deal with the enemies for instance, Tooke Player can stun enemies while Robin can take an easy headshot!

Tagging the enemies before encountering them is very important as your whole team will know where the enemies are. Furthermore, you tag points of interest like ammo boxes, ropes, shortcuts, and much more.

Depending upon the character you play as, once you are against an enemy in a head-to-head battle, you will have the option to either dodge or parry. Dodging allows you to avoid melee attack, but parry allows you to counterattack, helping you to knock the enemy down. When timed right, these two can be lifesaving.

Each character has a special ability that charges up as he kills more enemies and completes objectives. These abilities can be used in favor of the entire team. For instance, Tooke can heal all around him and spot enemies even behind the wall.

Finally, before heading into the map, you should study it to mark areas of interest like where to deploy snipers and a favorable location for treasure extraction.