Hood: Outlaws & Legends Classes Guide

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about all the available classes in Hood: Outlaws and Legends and how to best utilize them for an easy win.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Best Classes

Hood: Outlaws and Legends can be described as a PvPvE. In this game, two teams of four members compete to get to a treasure guarded by an AI-controlled Sheriff and guards. So, you have to have to deal with the AI and another team controlled by other players.

To best accomplish this task, it’s important that players understand all the classes available in Hood: Outlaws and Legends. So, let’s take a look at each one and what they can do.

The Brawler

The Brawler is the defensive type class that can tank many hits and clears a large radius of enemies with his huge hammer.

His weapon hammer can be used for overhead smash or sweep attacks. Moreover, because of his Resolute trait, he can lift the portcullis gate and your teammates can pass through it. He has an ability called Wrath, which increases your defense and offense stats.

He also has grenades that can kill all the enemies in a certain radius. The Brawler is best used for a rushed, objective-oriented run involving charging head-on!

The Hunter

The second class available to you is the hunter, which is known for defense and stealth. This class is best for stealth assassinations using its main crossbow weapon and invisibility.

You can use the crossbow for single shots and multiple shots as well. It has a brilliant trait called Shadow which can be used to assassinate guards from any direction.

Her invisibility ability is called Shroud and it further enables her ability to stealth kill.

You can also be disruptive and use the smoke grenade to limit the vision of the enemies as well. You can upgrade the weapon to increase the ammo, stability, and fire rate.

The Mystic

This class is used as a healer class. With its trait Respire, stamina regenerates faster than before. This character can be used to impair the vision of the enemies and draining their stamina.

You can unlock different doors with it quietly. Its main weapon is Flail which can be used for stunning the enemies and get space for your team to move forward.

You can use his Instinct ability for finding the hidden enemies and also healing the teammates in the radius. You can use its poison grenades which will affect the enemy’s vision and also drains their stamina.

The Ranger

It is the sniper class that uses a longbow as the main weapon. You can hit enemies who are at a distance with the longbow to stealthily take them down.

Optionally, you can use the fire explosive incendiary arrows with the ability farsight for loud, direct confrontations.

You can use its Trait, Scout, to tag targets to find more about the area you’re infiltrating.

His flash attack is also very useful, which will blind the enemies for some time. You can also improve the different perks for better results

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