For Honor Dedicated Servers Being Tested Tomorrow, You Can Participate for Rewards

Ubisoft made an announcement on their upcoming dedicated online servers For Honor. These servers will be available for the player on December 14th, 13:00 UTC until December 18th, 01:00 UTC. The test servers will be available and accessible on all platforms(Pc, PlayStation, and Xbox One), people not having the game can also be part of this experience.

Being part of this event, there are a lot of rewards for players who will participate and earn a reward on the test server. These rewards will be transferred to the main account once the players who have purchased For Honor after the event. The Open Test allows the players to have full access to the characters in 1v1 Duel, 4v4 Dominion, and 4v4 Tribute game modes. Players can also earn rewards though entering into the raffle to win For Honor prizes.

For Honor’s Open, Test Servers will be playable from December 14th to December 18th. There is no restriction on the number of games to play as many games as possible to earn the maximum amount of rewards.

Participation Rewards:

All players participating in the open test will receive an emblem symbol! this symbol will be available to the players on the official launch of the server
Daily Order Completion Rewards:
Daily order completion rewards are in-game rewards which will be received by completing daily orders which and following:

  • 2 Daily orders completed: 2000 steel and 4 Scavenger Crates
  • 4 Daily orders completed: 4000 steel and 8 Scavenger Crates
  • 6 Daily orders completed: 6000 steel, 12 Scavenger crates and 3 days Champion Status
  • 8 Daily orders completed: 8000 steel, 16 Scavenger crates and 7 days Champion Status

Player’s total completion of the daily order will be held accounted for and reward will be granted on December 20th, 2017 on the main game account.


Players being part of raffle can have a total of 50 raffle entries, if they complete all 8 daily orders. Participants in the Open Test are entitled to take rewards of the test Raffle and make sure you view the official rules for eligibility.
Players taking part in the Open Test will earn: 1 entry award

  • 2 Daily orders completed: 5 entries awarded
  • 4 Daily orders completed: 15 entries awarded
  • 6 Daily orders completed: 30 entries awarded
  • 8 Daily orders completed: 50 entries awarded

Prize Pool:

  • 1x 1apolloyon statue
  • 5x 1season 3 Faction War winners T=shirt
  • 5x 1 Signed Copy of For Honor (Standard edition)
  • 5x 1 Signed concept art
  • 5x Signed feast of the otherworld poster
  • 5x $100 steel packs(in game)
  • 5x 1 Year Champion status(in-game)

Community Order Completion Rewards:

As the rewarding goes more rewards you unlock as the percentage of completion grows starts from 25% to 100 %. The Emblem Outline will be received to the main game account at the official launch.

  • 25% of goal(1000 steel)
  • 50% of goal(2000 steel) + (Emblem outline)
  • 75% of goal(3000 steel) + (Emblem outline) + (Melee Pack)
  • 100% of goal(4000 steel) + (Emblem outline) + (Melee Pack) + (Combat Pack)

For Honor is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC.

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