Homefront Weapons Guide

Although you might not be satisfied with the single-player campaign of the game, Homefront multiplayer has a lot to offer especially when it comes to guns. There is a lot to earn and unlock. This Homefront Weapons guide will give you information about all the guns in Homefront multiplayer.

Homefront Weapons

Every gun is categorized under a unique class that is featured in Homefront competitive multiplayer.

Assault Rifles

These weapons are well suited for medium to long-range shooting.

M4 (Level 1)
This assault rifle commonly used by US Armed Forces can be your best choice due to it’s accuracy, high rate of fire and low recoil.

ACR (Level 3)
This weapon no doubt is more damaging than M4 but it’s recoil can be annoying but if you can bear with that, this weapon will be a better match for you.

SCAR-L (Level 14)
This light weight modular assault rifle was first used in 2009 for US Special Command Forces. It has a typical three round burst fire.

M16 (Level 27)
This semi-automatic assault weapon is good for long distance shooting. It is accurate and damaging enough to take out the opponent with a couple of shots.

T3AK (Level 40)
It’s a Chinese variant of Ak-47. Although it is not that efficient at long range but can be effective in medium to short range shooting.

XM10 (Level 46)
Although it’s development could not be completed but there are different variants of the light weight assault rifle which was supposed to take care of light armor vehicles.

Sub Machine Guns (SMGs)

Run and Gun is the idea behind using these weapons.

PWS Diablo (Level 1)
Resembles M4 but being an SMG it is shorter and lighter with reduced range. It is effective in short to medium range shooting.

Super 5 (Level 9)
It has (also known as “TDI Vector”) has low recoil which proves handy in targeting specially at short range.

Light Machine Guns (LMGs)

Although they slow your mobility, but these heavy weapons can be catastrophic due to their large magazines and stopping power.

M249 (Level 1)
It is one of the primary guns of US Armed Forces in Homefront. Each clip carries 100 rounds. Like many other LMGs, recoil is an issue here.

SCAR-H (Level 32)
It’s the heavy mode of the weapon and carries a 75 round twin drum magazine. The vertical fore grip tends to enhance its accuracy.

Sniper Rifles

Like one shot one kill? The sniper should be your choice.

M110 (Level 1)
It is US made Sniper rifle with 3X scope and 10 round detachable magazine. This gas-operated semi-automatic sniper rifle can be effective if you are aware of the map’s key locations and are good at camping.

M200 (Level 19)
It’s a variant of CheyTac Intervention. Just like M110, this bolt action sniper is ideal for long range stealth based kills.


M9 is a standard 9x19mm Parabellum pistol in both Homefront and Homefront: The Revolution. This handgun has a 15-magazine size along with a semi-automatic Fire mode. Usually this pistol is used by Greater Korean Republic, Rebels (SP) All teams (MP)


870 Express
The 870 Express Shotgun is mostly in the possession of civilians and law enforcement. This type of shotgun is a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun featured in Homefront. Its capable of carrying 5 magazines at a time.

Rocket Launchers

AAWS-M Launcher
The AAWS-M Launcher or Advanced Anti-Tank Weapon System-Medium is a launcher used for blowing up Korean helicopters. There are no traces left of the helicopter once shot twice. The AAWS-M Launcher looks like an FGM-148 Javelin and most commonly used by the United States Armed Forces.

RPG launcher
The RPG launcher or Panzerfaust 3 is a launcher featured in Homefront. This weapon is a disposable dumbfire rocket-propelled grenade launcher, capable of carrying Maximum 3 Ammunition. When using this launcher, you don’t have to worry about the opponent’s strike, since this launcher takes 2 seconds to reload. The RPG launcher is commonly used by the Korean People’s Army and the United States Armed Forces

Proximity Launcher
You can unlock this weapon at level 31. The Proximity Launcher is a dumbfire rocket launcher that uses its sensors to trigger the blast when close to an adversary.

EMP rockets
The EMP rocket is a weapon used by the Korean People’s Army that can disable any Electronic item inside of a vehicle


Technically not guns but these explosive devices can still wreak a lot of havoc in Homefront

This is an explosive used by the American Resistance and is capable of destroying an enemy LAV-25. The C4 has a Fire Mode: Thrown, remote detonation and can carry Maximum 4 Ammunition.

EMP grenade
This grenade releases electromagnetic pulses when exploded which stops a vehicle for a short period of time.

Frag grenade
The frag grenade can be unlocked at level 1. Once this explosive blast, it spreads shrapnel. Due to its body type; hard plastic or steel, it is very effective.

Flash grenade is a very common explosive in most shooting games. It stuns the opponent by its flashy effect along with the sound it makes which prevents the opponent from targeting.

WP grenade
White Phosphorus or the WP grenade is a commonly used explosive in Homefront. When it explodes, it produces smoke which is dangerous once inhaled.

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