Homefront: The Revolution is ‘not going to be vaporware’, Deep Silver Confirms

Repudiating all rumours/fears of its cancellation, Community Manager for ‘Homefront: The Revolution,’ Maurice Tan confirmed that the game is still in development at Dambuster Studios (Formerly Crytek U.K).

Commenting on a NEOGAF thread, Tan wrote that some fans believe that the game will end up like Prey 2 or Duke Nukem Forever, but rest assured that the game is still underway and will not be ‘vaporware’:

Homefront: The Revolution is still in development, now under our wing at Dambuster Studios (formerly Crytek UK).

Sometimes we get questions from fans if it’s going to be another Prey 2 or Duke Nukem Forever. But rest assured that the team at Dambuster is still working hard on the game and it’s not going to be vaporware 🙂

The game was originally announced back in June, 2014 under THQ’s banner, but was later sold to Crytek. However, following the financial crisis faced by Crytek, the game moved to Deep Silver and to a new studio called Dambuster Silver.

Back in 2014, the game’s Producer Fasahat Salim said that it’s not a direct sequel to 2011’s Homefront and features a large world, giving players opportunities to approach the way in their distinctive playstyles.

Homefront: The Revolution was originally expected to launch sometime during 2015, but it’s hard to say whether that will change or not.

Were you looking forward to Homefront: The Revolution or did you already forget that it existed?

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