Homefront: The Revolution Gets Timesplitters 2 With New Trailer

As part of an incredibly cool and nostalgic Easter Egg in Homefront: The Revolution, you will actually be able to play the first two levels of Timesplitters 2 via an in-game arcade machine. This will be the only Timesplitters game that will have any part of it playable on a current-generation console.

Timesplitters 2 was developed by Free Radical Design who merged into Crytek UK, who in turn fell apart and from the ashes of this once-popular studio came the Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, who are now developing the new Homefront. Timesplitters 2 is a widely-recognised classic and one of the greatest games to come out of the extensive Playstation 2/Xbox/Gamecube generation.

Siberia and Chicago are the two playable levels where all the memories will come rushing back to the veteran players who manage to find the hidden arcade cabinet in Homefront: The Revolution. Despite clamour from fans and even developers alike, Timsplitters 4 doesn’t look like it will ever make an appearance despite the popularity of the FPS trilogy beforehand.

A new trailer has also been released today along with this news which is always exciting. The CGI trailer titled ‘Ignite’ doesn’t include any gameplay and heavily focusses on the use of fire and explosives as you’d expect.

Homefront: The Revolution will release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on May 17 after five years of development hell, including two changes of development teams including Crytek and THQ.

It is an open-world first-person shooter set in a destroyed Philadelphia after an attack by the North Koreans two years after the events of the original Homefront, which included much more linear gameplay and levels.

Protagonist Ethan Brady leads his revolution against the Korean Army that control his city, four years after the original invasion of the North Korean Army on the USA.