Homefront – PC Specific Features and Details

Developers have introduced some features in Homefront that are exclusive to PC version of the game.

Kaos Studio and THQ are all ready to release Homefront for all three major platforms (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC). In this article we’ll have a look at the PC specific features of the game that are not included in other versions. Let’s start digging and see what we can find.

Homefront PC- Specific Features

It’s Steam Exclusive
Some love Steam while others hate it. Developers have nevertheless decided that Homefront will be exclusively a Steamworks as far as the PC release is concerned. The files for running dedicated servers and updates will all be handled and provided by Steam. We’d like to see how that works out.

Nvidia 3D Vision Support
Another interesting feature, for those who have 3D monitors, is the support of Nvidia 3D Vision support.

Homefront Gameplay
Homefront’s gameplay on the PC is slightly different than the one on consoles. Well, not different in the real sense, just a little tweaked and with a few extra features. A good example is how players can control vehicles. Both first person cockpit view and 3rd person view are available while controlling vehicles.

Co-pilots can also spot and recon enemies, informing to the Scout helicopter. Additionally, for those who aren’t too skilled at flying helicopters, or for those who are, there are multiple settings for the level of ‘realism’ in controlling the chopper. These settings are:

  • ACE: You’re the dude who knows how to fly a chopper almost the same way real people fly. Well, it’s not that challenging actually, but it takes more practice to master. The benefits provided are that this setting allows for maximum maneuverability.
  • VETERAN: This is the in-between settings, for players who have an idea or experience in flying helicopters, but still don’t have the skills (or guts) to tackle the Ace setting.
  • ROOKIE: Well, the name says it all doesn’t it? It’ll be like driving around those remote controlled toy cars. You can be casual yet get away with it, though these settings certainly do limit the maneuverability.

Practice mode
This mode has also been added to allow adaptation and awareness of controlling different vehicles without wasting Battle Points during live matches.

Squad Management and Clan Support
Squad management system and Clan support are also included in the PC version. All the post match stats will be tracked and recorded.

SLI and Crossfire Support
Homefront fully supports SLI or Crossfire configurations for maximum performance.

Home Front System Requirements

Minimum Specs

Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2.8GHz
Shader Model 3.0 graphics card with 256MB of memory
NVIDIA GeForce 7900GS or ATI Radeon 1900XT
10GB of free hard drive space

Recommended Specs

Windows Vista or Windows 7
Intel or AMD Quad Core 2 GHz+ CPU
NVIDIA GeForce 260 or ATI Radeon 4850
10 GB of free hard drive space

NVIDIA 3D Vision Recommended Spec

3D Compatible NVIDIA GeForce 480/570 Series GPU
NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit
3D Vision-Ready Display
Intel Core i7 processor
Windows Vista or Windows 7

A quick reminder that Homefront is set to be released on March 17, 2011 in North America and March 18th 2011 in Europe for the PC, PS3 and Xbox360.

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