Hollywood Story Guide – Customization, Skills, Farming Money, Finding Partners

With the help of our Hollywood Story Guide, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about customization, energy levels, skills, and money.

Nanobit Software’s game Hollywood Story, available only on iOS devices right now, which has nothing Hollywood in it is a stereotypical game of a girl coming from the bottom in New York with a dream to reach the very top and becoming an A-lister celebrity.

The game has only one gender, a girl, whose makeover is to be done to give her a look of a fabulous and gorgeous diva.

Hollywood Story Beginners Guide

With the help of our Hollywood Story Guide, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about character customization, energy levels, skills, farming money, and finding your partner.

1. Customization

Starting with the game, you really are not that deep in the bottom, the game gives you a pretty good default makeover; nonetheless, you still need to a have a makeover that a model needs if you want to see your face on those magazines.

Everything is customizable in the game from skin color to hair color to even your lip shape. You can try everything before setting on your favorable features, as these will help you get through the auditions among other things.

Along the game, some quests will require you to change your look so do not get overly obsessed with your recent one.


2. Energy Level

The game makes you do an audition that requires grinding which in result requires you to have energy.

A full energy bar is of 30 points that, if reduced to zero, takes only 5 minutes to recover wholly and 10 seconds for each point to recover individually.

You can be patient and wait for 5 minutes to let your energy bar recover or there are some other ways too. Everywhere you go you will see benches, newspaper and trash bins around you, collect all those things and they will be saved in your inventory.

Later they can help you in your quests and you can use these to even make energy. Although I would still suggest you have patience and wait 5 minutes.

Another way is you use a cheat that is that you change the time of your device and your bar will easily recover but increasing the time will decrease your movie timers.

3. Skills

In the game, you are provided with a Gym and Drama factory. You can boost your skills here that will help you in your auditions.

In the Gym building, you can improve your body and in the Drama Factory, you can work on your Drama, Charisma, and Creativity. For improving the skills, you have to spend your energy points here. Increasing your skills attract more fans.

4. Diamonds

There are various ways to produce diamonds in this game. One is you can produce diamonds with the junk you collect from your environment. In addition, you can hunt them while searching the junk.

In the game, there are thirty-second advertisements that on watching reward you with diamonds.

These advertisements are in your game as well as on your TV (not the one given you by default but the one you will later have in your more luxurious apartment).

5. Character’s Level

There is a map on your screen that has yellow highlighted areas that are quests. Completing the quests will increase your character’s level.

The purple stars you get while you are exploring also helps you to increase the character’s level.

Increase in your character’s level helps you unlock more diamonds and money and gives you more fame (which the game is all about).

6. Money

Your money helps you buy stuff that will improve your auditions and helps you attract more fans.

Almost every day you have to visit shopping stores to buy yourself clothes, shoes, and accessories. For that, you need either money or diamonds. Buying these things are important for your appearance.

Stores restock their places every day with new stuff and even go on sale from time to time. Hence, if you find something rather pricey and can just wait for that thing to go on sale.

Changing your apartment to a more luxurious one is also a part in your game. For that, you have to have at least 10,000 dollars and then decorating it will be another mission so you need money for that as well.

7. Partner

You find your partner in the Karaoke Bar. In the bar when you find a fine young, handsome face you go down there and interact with them. Interacting and sharing drinks with them slowly lead to a relationship.

You can change your partner if you find someone more attractive further in the game.

8. Fan Base

Another thing to keep in mind is your fan base. To increase your base on daily basis you have to attend auditions and role in movies. Do not go to your agent if you are not planning to play the game.

If you do not do auditions, you start to lose your fans and move down while other people surpass you.

This is all you need to know about Hollywood Story. The game is easy to understand and fun to play. Just keep all these points in mind and you will be only ascending on your social ladder.