Hollywhoot Beginners Guide – The Academy, The Studio, Factory Station

This Hollywhoot Beginners Guide is regarding the Hollywood parody game from iCandy which has you play as a film director who will need to tackle a lot of tasks including hiring a crew for the film or TV show, handling critical, commercial reception of that production, studio challenges, and more.

Hollywhoot Beginners Guide

Now we would not call this a Hollywood-director simulator but it comes pretty close to that. That would be your primary goal, to climb the ladder of success to become one of the great directors in the film industry.

One of the most important aspects that come into play here is crew hiring.

The Academy

This is where you hire all your actors and crewmembers. This will directly tie in with how successful you become as a director.

Each actor you hire requires the use of cash. Although you are given a head start at the beginning with a mediocre crew of actors, you will need to spend the big bucks for getting some decent actors.

Each actor has an attribute associated with him/her. These are divided into three categories: Physical, Acting, and Charm. For each upgrade on one of these attributes, you require a certain amount of gold.

Each time you level up a stat, you increase chances of getting a higher income thanks to the actor. You can check out these details on the talents page for that crewmember.

At level 10, 100, 300, and 600, evolution will happen for actors which will develop them even further so to increase the income received from films.

On this page, you will also be able to view the different perks that you can apply to an actor or perks they already come with. These will help you decided which film genre will work best for that actor.

Therefore, in a way, this helps you choose a suitable character for your actor. Once you reach level 30, you will be able to earn even more profits by having up to three actors star in a film.

TV series generate income on a season-by-season basis. Check back every now and then and tap to collect the income. Invest in the TV business too for greater profits.

The Studio

When it actually comes to the filmmaking process, you have a choice when you first start a studio. This will be based around a particular genre of film: action, drama, thriller or comedy.

Once you select a movie to be made and a cast for it, you will be able to get an idea of how long the production will take. An actor with higher wages will mean the film will take longer to finish. You can, however, watch video ads to speed up the process.

For producing multiple films at a given time, you need more studios to work with. This requires the use of a combination of gems and gold coins (200 Gems and 100 M Gold). For the third studio, you will need to pay in 200 Diamonds.

As you level up more, you will grow into other industries within the entertainment industry including television, stores and more.

Once you get a film made, the success of it will depend on three factors: it is Potatometer (a parody of the Tomatometer), the Production time for that film and the Talent Income.

In order to maximize these factors even further, you can use the Prominence button to earn trophies which consist of awards like 250% bonus to talent income, Hall of Fame award and more.

Although the Prominence feature will reset your progress, you will be able to progress much faster now thanks to the new bonuses and rewards.

Research Factory

Upon progressing into the game further, you will unlock the Research feature. This will help you earn stars which in turn award you with bonuses at the end that is there to stay. These stars or crates are directly related to the income of the produced film.

This is all we have in our Hollywhoot Beginners Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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