Hollow Knight Vessel Fragments Locations Guide – Where To Find, How To Form Soul Vessels

Souls are a big part of Hollow Knight and each soul is contained in the Soul Vessel. These Soul Vessels allow you to perform magic spells, heal, and the Soul Vessel can be increased in size by collecting the Vessel Fragments riddle throughout the world of Hollow Knight. Follow our Hollow Knight Vessel Fragments Locations Guide to find out where you will need to head to for these precious parts of a whole.

Hollow Knight Vessel Fragments

Souls have various functions in the game. They act as a mana resource for casting spells – both destructive and defensive. Moreover, you can also regenerate health for your character. This is the meter in the top-left corner below the Mask or health bar.

Souls can be gathered in the middle of combat, thanks to some useful Charms which you can read all about in our Charms Guide. However, eventually, you will need to increase the capacity of the souls the Soul Vessel can have. This is done by hunting for Vessel Fragments that are located in various places.

Each Vessel Fragment constitutes to a third of the whole Soul Vessel, so you will need 3 fragments in total to form a Soul Vessel. Each time you are able to form a Soul Vessel, the total capacity for containing souls go up by 33%. Since there are a total of 9 Vessel Fragments to be found, you will almost double the capacity as you obtain all the fragments.

Listed below are all the 9 locations for these Hollow Knight Vessel Fragments and any requirements or directions on how to get there:

  • From Sly, you can purchase two fragments, one for 550 Geo, and the other one which requires 900 Geo and Shopkeeper’s Key.
  • Next, you can find one in Greenpath near Queen’s Gardens entrance. This will be inaccessible in the earlier parts of the game, you will need to come back after progressing through the game a bit.
  • For 700 Essence, you can get the vessel fragment from Seer in Resting Grounds.
  • When you approach the fountain in Ancient Basin, offer 3,000 Geo to get the Vessel Fragment.
  • In Deepnest, look for one fragment above the working tram.
  • Located above the King’s Station is yet another fragment. Move near the elevator to get it.
  • For this particular one, you will first need to unlock all the Stag Stations. Once done proceed to the end of the Stag nest to get the fragment.
  • After you have unlocked the elevator in the City of Tears, head left of the elevator in Forgotten Realms for you final fragment.

Now you can use the fragments to increase the capacity of your Souls bar to a maximum. This is all we have in our Hollow Knight Souls Vessel Fragments Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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