Bungie Blames Activition for Holding Destiny 2 Cross Save

The very public Bungie and Activision split resulted in the studio finally taking full creative control of Destiny. Under Activision, it was rumored that many features were either cut to be added later or completely scrapped. And it seems there is some truth to this rumor after all. In the latest Bungie stream, the studio announced Destiny 2 cross-save feature, a feature that was originally planned for launch.

However, due to “Reasons” (with a capital R), developers couldn’t deliver the feature at launch. Mike Noseworthy, Destiny general manager, explained the situation and indirectly took a jab at Activision by saying that many reasons, why cross saves couldn’t be added before, have “disappeared.”

We wanted cross save before Destiny 2 shipped and we had a bunch of it done but we just couldn’t get there because of ‘capital R’ “Reasons.” And many of those reasons have disappeared so we are headed full steam ahead to figure out how we are gonna get there and how we are gonna give the players what they want.

How Destiny 2 Cross Save Works?

Destiny 2 cross save is a unique feature that allows Guardians to play conveniently shift between multiple platforms. Using the same save file you can pick up Destiny 2 where you left off on any platform – PS4, Xbox One, PC. The release date for the Destiny 2 cross save is yet to be confirmed but an interesting piece of information about the feature was leaked via “The Next Chapter of Destiny 2” stream.

It seems Destiny 2 is coming to Google Stadia as we can see a developer setting up Google Stadia as a platform for cross save feature. Interestingly, Steam is also one of the platforms the game is being released soon. The same Destiny 2 cross save setup screen leaked both Google Stadia and Steam as upcoming platforms.

destiny 2
Destiny 2 cross save setup

However, will Destiny 2 drop Blizzard? It seems more than likely at this point but players will still be able to play their Blizzard copies. Anyways, as you can see from the cross save screen allows you to setup up to 4-platforms. The cross saves will work between consoles, PC, and Google Stadia.

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