Hogwarts Legacy Level Up Fast: How To grind XP

Leveling up in Hogwarts Legacy unlocks new equipment and lets you survive tougher enemies so let us explain how to farm XP for levels.

Hogwarts Legacy level-up system works similarly to many other games you have played. All you have to do is farm XP using different methods and level up fast. Certain areas and items are also level-gated so farming XP to level up quickly will help you progress with ease.

Being a fully open-world RPG, Hogwarts Legacy leveling options are numerous. Quests, battles, challenges, collecting field guide pages, destroying goblin’s camps, solving puzzles, and other activities will give you varying amounts of XP in Hogwarts Legacy, and below we have detailed them all.

What does leveling up do in Hogwarts Legacy?

By leveling up, you can get access to several additional bonuses that prove essential to your progression.

Firstly, you receive the Maximum Health Gain bonus that gives you a more significant health pool that will help you tank stronger hits and allow you to progress quickly without worrying much about your health. The bonus you receive increases with every level up.

You will also get your hand on more dangerous magics and tools in Hogwarts Legacy when grinding levels. Besides that, you will not have to stop at some points while progressing through the story because of your level.

By leveling up and gaining access to new areas and skills, you also open up opportunities for yourself to level up other facets of your arsenal like upgrading your Gear or your Alohomora Spell.

If you level up fast, you don’t have to worry more about the enemies and challenges you will face in the game. You can’t increase your level higher than 40, as level 40 is the max level cap in Hogwarts Legacy.

Other than that, you will unlock the Talent System by leveling up, which will allow you to specialize in five core aspects which are:

All these things make leveling up fast essential for you in Hogwarts Legacy, so you need to focus on it more at the start.

All the ways to gain XP

Leveling up in Hogwarts Legacy works differently from other RPGs. Experience is gained by completing the challenges listed in your Field Guide Book and only through it. Defeating enemies or exploring areas of the map wouldn’t do you any good unless they are listed as a challenge specifically in the Field Guide Book.

Once you are assigned a house in Hogwarts, the workings of the Field Guide Book are given to you by Professor Weasley. Even the story missions are added as challenges inside the Field Guide Book and every objective you complete feeds these challenges.

So the next time you find a collectible or complete a quest, check your field guide to see the progression you’ve made toward completing a challenge. Once the challenge is fully completed you will receive the specified XP bonus.

After a certain challenge has been fully completed, doing the same objective again will not provide you with more XP. This is done to avoid grinding an easier challenge again and again to over-level your character.

You will find the following challenges in your Field Guide Book that you can complete to grind XP in Hogwarts Legacy;

Quest ChallengesExploration ChallengesCombat ChallengesRoom of Requirement ChallengesField Guide Page Challenges
Complete Main QuestsComplete Merlin TrialsDefeat GoblinsRescue BeastsCollect Field Guides Pages in The Highlands
Complete Side Quests / Relationship QuestsSolve Hogwarts SecretsDefeat DugbogsBreed Unique BeastsCollect Field Guide Pages in Hogwarts
Complete Teacher AssignmentsLocate Landing PlatformsDefeat Dark WizardsUpgrade Your GearCollect Field Guide Pages in Hogsmeade
 Find Astronomy TablesDefeat Mongrels  
 Pop BalloonsDefeat Spiders  
 Collect Ancient Magic TracesDefeat Trolls  
  Defeat Inferi  
  Defeat Infamous Foes  

How to farm XP in Hogwarts Legacy

As mentioned before, certain items and areas require players to level up before they can be accessed in HL.

As players proceed through the storyline, they will encounter high-level enemies. If the player level is too low, no matter how good of a witch or wizard you are, your spells won’t do enough damage.

That is where the XP farming and leveling process of Hogwarts Legacy comes in. Not only will leveling increase your overall Health, but it will also allow you to equip better gear which in term improves offense and defense.

Defeating enemies in the battle arena

You will earn some good XP by clearing out waves of enemies that will attack you in the battle arena. Players can fight these foes inside either of the three Battle arenas North Ford Bog, Feldcroft, and Dark Arts. However, the Dark Arts Battle Arena is an exclusive DLC Bonus for Deluxe Edition users pre-ordering the game.

But you must fulfill a requirement before you can unlock it by visiting the area close to Forbidden Forest.

What you have to do is destroy 20 pots that are scattered around the ruins to unlock the Battle Arena in Hogwarts Legacy. Once the battle arena is opened, you will face seven waves of enemies coming at you. The enemies will include Dark Wizards, Mountain Trolls, spiders, Ashwinder Executioners, etc.

Taking out all seven waves will help you farm a lot of XP and grind levels quickly in Hogwarts Legacy. If you are struggling to clear out the waves, you can shift to a lower difficulty setting and still manage to get some good XP.

This process can help you level up by one each time you do it. This process is also essential for you if you don’t want to stick to the Hogwarts Legacy storyline and still want to level up to make the exploration part easy for you.

Collecting Field Guide Pages in Hogwarts Legacy

Getting your hands on the Field Guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy is, you can say, one of the fastest methods to farm XP and gain levels in the game. Each page will get you around 80 XP, and you can collect a total of almost 250 Field Guide pages.

Together these pages will help you earn a lot of XP and level up fast in the game. Moreover, this method is crucial because you can even do it in the early game. You don’t have to rank up to some certain rank before you can start collecting these pages in Hogwarts Legacy.

These are primarily in some hidden areas, so as soon as some area gets unlocked, make sure to visit it and collect the Field Guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy to speed up the leveling process.

Completing different challenges

Finding the Field Guide Pages is one of the challenges in Hogwarts Legacy. Still, there are some more challenges that you can complete while progressing through the story to earn a lot of XP. These challenges include the main quest, fights, side quest, exploration, and Room of Requirements.

Some of these challenges are completed as you progress in the storyline, like exploring different places and fighting various enemies in Hogwarts Legacy. While exploring the areas, you will encounter different small enemies you can fight to get some XP. However, the XP gained from them is not much, so you need to focus on other tasks more.

You will find around 50 side quests in the game that can help farm XP. You can get these side quests by exploring the castle and having a conversation with different characters you find there. Completing these side quests is not a difficult job, so it is better to focus on them more at the start so you can level up.

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