How To Dive Underwater In Hogwarts Legacy

There are some areas in Hogwarts Legacy that require you to dive underwater to search for treasure vaults and dungeons.

Hogwarts Legacy has a beautiful open world that you will mostly be exploring by either flying on a broom or riding mounts on the ground.

Some areas, however, will require you to dive underwater where neither your broom nor mount is going to help. These bodies of water contain treasure vaults and dungeons that need to be completed for various rewards.

Can you dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy?

While you can swim in Hogwarts Legacy, you cannot dive underwater to explore. There are only certain dive locations where you can go underwater for treasures and secrets.

The diving mechanic in Hogwarts Legacy is very limited and your player is not shown swimming through and exploring the deep waters.

However, that does not mean you cannot interact with a water body at all. Your player is able to dive underwater and then it cuts straight to the scene where the player comes out of the water with items found under the surface.

How to dive and find treasures

Hogwarts Legacy limits you to only dive in certain locations. When flying over a lake or pond, keep an eye out for areas where the water is bubbling or swirling.

These are the only locations where you can dive underwater. You can only swim on the surface elsewhere.

When you spot the rippling water location, ride your broom over it and then prepare to dismount.

Once you are in the swirling body of water, press the following buttons to dive underwater.

PlatformDive Input

After interacting and diving in the water, your character won’t be shown swimming underwater. Instead, the character will dive and it will either be transported to another place or the character will emerge back with all the items discovered underwater.

Acquired treasures underwater include gear, such as gloves, neckwear, outfits, robes, cloaks, headwear, and Gold bonuses.

Hogwarts Legacy diving spots

There are only certain locations where you are allowed to dive underwater otherwise you are confined to the water surface only. A diving spot in Hogwarts Legacy is shown by a swirl in the water, almost like a whirlpool. Keep an eye out for these as you can find hidden treasure items here.

Take note that you can also locate Hogwarts Legacy diving locations on your map. They are marked with a purple circular icon.

Players are actually required to use the diving mechanic for the first time during a main quest located on the Southern Docks. The Lost Astrolabe is the first quest where you will be asked by Grace-Pinch Smedley to dive into Black Lake to search for Astrolabe.

Another time, players are required to dive underwater is during a side quest called the Mer-ky Depths Quest given by Nerdia Roberts. During this quest, players have to search for a treasure vault by swimming in a cave located near the Great Hall of Hogwarts Castle.

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