Hogwarts Legacy: Cache In The Castle Quest Guide

This guide will tell you how to complete Legacy Cache in the Castle by finding all the landmarks in Hogwarts Legacy.

Cache in the Castle is one of the many side quests that you can complete in Hogwarts Legacy for additional rewards as well as an opportunity to explore many of Hogwarts Secrets.

You can begin the side quest in the Astronomy Tower after completing The Locket’s Secret, a main story quest. Speak with Arthur Plummly near the Charms Classroom to know about a treasure map that he wants to decode.

You will receive a treasure map that has nothing but diagrams of three different landmarks: a skeleton, a fountain, and a painting. They are your only clues to where the treasure lies.

How to find Hogwarts Legacy Cache in the Castle

Once you have received the map from Arthur Plummly, it is time to head out to find the treasure.

First landmark location – Rhinoceros Skeleton

On your map, you will see the drawing of a Rhinoceros Skeleton which is your first landmark. To reach this landmark, take the stairs and head down three floors and turn left until you reach the central staircase.

These stairs will take you toward the Rhino Skeleton located between two globes. Walk up to the skeleton, your character will acknowledge it and a new quest marker will appear.

Second landmark location – Wyvern Fountain

The second Landmark mentioned on your map is the Dragon Statue Fountain. It is in the Transfiguration Courtyard that you can visit manually or by using the Floo Powder Transportation System.

If you choose to go manually, you have to take the stairs near the Rhino Skeleton and go down until you see two enormous doors that lead you to exit the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower.

Once in the Transfiguration Courtyard, you can see the Dragon Statue Fountain and a new quest marker will appear for the third landmark.

Third landmark location – Painting

The third and last landmark in this quest is a painting. To find this painting, you need to take the stairs directly behind the fountain in the Transfiguration Courtyard. Go up the flight of stairs and in front of you, there will be a large painting depicting a house in the snow.

Cache in the Castle reward

Once you have found all the landmarks, you still have to look for the hidden chest with treasure. While standing in front of the third landmark, cast ‘Accio’ on the top handle of the painting. This will reveal a secret chest of treasures hidden behind the large painting.

Once you have found the chest, you can search it for your treasure. Open the chest and you will receive ‘Authentic Historian’s Uniform’, a collectible robe, that you can use to customize the appearance of your character.

Now go back to Arthur and talk to him. He will tell you he found money using his map and this will finish the side quest. You will also earn 180 XP points alongside the robe.

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