How to Take a 4-Star Ho Oh Photo in New Pokemon Snap

In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about finding the legendary pokemon Ho-Oh and taking a 4-star photo of it in New Pokemon Snap.

How to Take a 4-Star Ho Oh Photo in New Pokemon Snap

Ho-Oh is a legendary Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap that will appear once you have finished the game. You will find this legendary pokemon in Fireflow Volcano. It is not easy to get his 4-star photo even if you spotted it, as it’s going to be obscured by the terrain.

How to find Ho-Oh

At Fireflow Volcano, there are three places where you can spot this legendary pokemon. The first place where you can spot this legendary pokemon is on the right side between the two walls. You will see Ho-Oh flying from there, and you absolutely have to take a snap of it to get the rest of the encounters.

The second place you can spot this Ho-Oh is a little ahead. When you start to go down from the passageway, you will spot it on your left, flying above the mountains.

The third place where you can see Ho-OH is just like the previous one. In this, you have to turn right with the camera facing up to take some snaps of the legendary pokemon.

After that moving forward, you will enter a cave area. This area will appear if you have activated Ho-Oh three feathers and is needed for the 4-star photo. Now you might be wondering where you will find these three feathers. Don’t worry; we will cover this as well.

How to find Ho-Oh’s Rainbow Feathers
To take a 4-star photo of Ho-Oh, you will need three feathers so you can encounter him. You will find these feathers on the right-side route, which ends with a Typhlosion chamber.

You will find the first feather when you enter the room where Gravcler falls down onto the crates on the left side; there is a tunnel here. You have to enter the tunnel and move forward, and when you see the feather, you have to hit it with an Illumina Orb.

The second feather is in the blue chamber under the sleeping Torkoal. You have to hit this one with the Illumina Orb as well. The third and last one is inside the chamber on your left side. Get the final feather and you are good to take a 4-star photo of the Ho-Oh.

How to Take a 4-Star Photo

You can throw different consumables in the air and take photos of the legendary pokemon. Take as many different snaps as you can, which are covering Ho-Oh completely and then take them to Professor Mirror to get the 4-star rating.

If you have captured most of the moves that Ho-Oh performed, you will definitely get a 4-star rating.

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