Hitman Update Version 1.35 Out For PC, Xbox and PS4

More exciting content is on its way for Hitman after developers have updated the game. This is the first Hitman update since IO Interactive released the September Roadmap. Developers have been backing up the fan-base with a Hitman update every now and then.

As the September update for the stealth video game ended, IO Interactive came up with a new one in no time. The latest Hitman update is the 1.35 version for PlayStation 4 while it is version 3160886 for PC users.

Developers have not yet announced any official patch notes for Hitman update 1.35. But, the complete Roadmap for the September updates was as follows:

September 4:
-Elusive Targets: The Fugitive
September 14:
-Comic-Con Africa
-Featured Contracts
September 21:
-Tokyo Game Show (TGS)
-Elusive Targets: The Paparazzo
-Live Stream
September 28:
-Featured Contracts

The Hitman update 1.35 does not have its authentic patch notes now. But we would report them as soon as we get a hold of something catchy about it. For now, we only have access to the prior update which featured a contract mode and much more.

Moreover, the developers are also launching a season two for the Hitman game later in the year. It is coming out in November but while many things in Hitman 2 would be new, one thing will still be the same. IO Interactive recently announced the Gold Edition of the upcoming game as well.

Source: Gear Nuke

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