Hitman Being Developed Using DirectX 12

It looks like Hitman is another game along with Just Cause 3 to be using the DirectX 12 API, but what improvements does it bring to the game?

We already reported that Avalanche Studios are going to be at GDC discussing DirectX 12 use in Just Cause 3, now it looks like another company will be discussing the exact same thing. This time though the game under discussion will be the new version of Hitman.

Game website Overclock3D have noticed that IO Interactive will be at the event holding a tutorial session called “Rendering Hitman with DirectX 12” which is pretty self-explanatory. The description for the session also reveals:

“This talk will give a brief overview of how the Hitman Renderer works, followed by a deep dive into how we manage everything with DirectX 12, including Pipeline State Objects, Root Signatures, Resources, Command Queues and Multithreading.

How to write a fast and efficient DirectX 12 / Vulkan engine, and how to use the new HW features to implement new graphics techniques. Learn from real shipping game developers experiences.”

It will be interesting to see how DirectX 12 and the Vulkan engine has been used in the game and what improvements it brings. With more games now seemingly using the new API hopefully we’ll finally be able to see what the much hyped technology can actually do.

With Hitman’s release going through many changes it’s nice to see some less confusing news from the developers. With all the updates and cancellations of pre-orders going on, a focus on the actual development is much needed for fans who need to regain some confidence in the game.

What are your thoughts on Hitman using the DirectX 12 API? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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