Hitman Absolution Playstyles Guide

This guide lists all the various ways to murder targets and various assassination playstyles you can adopt in Hitman Absolution

There are many ways to dispose of enemies in Hitman Absolution, from slicing throats with piano wires to slicing throats with a katana. And the game challenges you to adopt various Hitman Absolution Playstyles and kill enemies in a variety of ways.

Hitman Absolution Playstyles

Well, we’re here to help you fulfill your quota of corpses to make you into a true assassin of every art. The various challenges are known as Play Styles, and here they are:

Needle Pumper
stealthily kill people with syringes. (5 times)

Hide bodies in body dumps/wardrobes and containers. (5 times)

Piano Man
Kill people with the fiber wire/garrote (5 times)

Reaper Man
Kill people with point-shooting (8 times)

Choke-hold and subdue people (3 times)

Dynasty Warrior
Kill people with the katana. (9 times)

Dynamite Harry
Kill people with remote explosives (5 times)

Kill people with a revolver (15 times)

Kill people with drink bottles. (5 times)

Kill people with only your hands or in hand to hand combat, this doesn’t work with stealth kills. (5 times)

Kill people with any type of axe. (5 times)

Kill people stealthily with any knife. (5 times)

Kill people with wood clubs, baseball bat, a golf club, a sledgehammer, a hammer or a mace. Again do not use stealth or attack silently from the back as 47 won’t use the item (5 times)

Take damage from enemies without dying in the same playthrough, you can use medicine cabinets as they won’t reset the counter between hits.  (20 hits)

Kill people by throwing sharp objects, you can use knives scissors, fire pokers, screwdrivers, katanas, syringes etc. (5 times)

Kill people with a silenced handgun. (3 times)

Kill people via accidental means. (2 times)

Kill people with a sniper rifle, you have to be hidden and the kill must be a headshot (5times)

Glass Cannon
Kill people with a shotgun (5 times)

Bank Robber
Knock enemies out while using them as human shields. (3 times)

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